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Top Trending Birthday Cakes Which Will Sprinkle Happiness!!

Cakes are more than simply a tasty delicacy that you devour to mark important events like birthdays and weddings. Read more.

Birthdays excite us, irrespective of our age. The yearly reminders only fill us with gratitude and how blessed we are to spend every moment with our loved ones. As a cornerstone of every celebration and occasion, cakes are an indispensable part. Moreover, birthdays are incomplete without a beautifully baked, sweet- smelling and mouth watering cake. One doesn’t need a reason to gorge on a tempting chocolate or fruit cake. Additionally, they add up to the happy element of birthdays and get together. 

List of Trending Birthday Cakes that double the Happiness Quotient of your Celebrations:


Half-cakes, sometimes referred to as mini-cakes, are tasty cakes that are typically shaped like semicircles.  They are decorated with icing and sprinkles. These cakes are most effective for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries that occur every six months. Additionally, they are very much in trend due to their symbolism. A half cake can be used to mark the six months of your relationship or to celebrate the first six months of the new extension in your family.

Vegan Cakes

vegan-cakesHowever, it’s hard to believe that a rich, chocolate sponge cake and decadent icing are made without dairy or eggs. A perfect birthday cake for all the Vegans in your family and friend circle. With every passing day, we are becoming more and more conscious about our health. Moreover, people are converting into vegans. Therefore, you can opt for a cake that can be consumed by your vegan cousin or friend. Vegan cakes are so trendy nowadays. 

Red Velvet Cakes

red-velvet-cakesRed Velvet cake is a great choice for any birthday party because of its timeless and brilliant color and mild chocolate taste. Its gorgeous crimson color is really alluring. Red velvet cake that has been prepared perfectly is difficult to look away from. It smoothly enhances the event just by its appearance, which is sufficient in and of itself. For individuals who enjoy the chocolatey sweetness of a chocolate cake but not to the point of obsession, this cake is the ideal substitute.

Truffle Cakes

truffle-cakesWith smooth chocolate truffle icing, a rich and creamy chocolate cake is completed to perfection. Truffle cake is decorated with extra cherries or some sliced fruit.  Truffle cakes are always in demand as they are light and rich in dark chocolate- which is every chocolate lover’s delight. They are the undisputed choice for the birthday cakes of my maximum people. The richness of dark chocolate and sweet and tempting smell releases happy hormones in your body and as  well as makes you salivate. 

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Hazelnut And Mocha Cakes

hazelnut-and-mocha-cakesTo the coffee lover in your family or circle, what can be a perfect birthday cake other than a coffee flavored cake. A decadent birthday cake, which is covered with a smooth dark chocolate ganache and filled with a creamy espresso buttercream, combines the flavors of coffee, chocolate, and hazelnut in harmonious delight. Prepare the candles, then add a simple sprinkle of chopped, roasted hazelnuts. Coffee flavored cakes are always in trend because for some of us coffee is the- elixir of life.

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Black Forest Cakes

black-forest-cakesWithout a birthday cake, a celebration of a birthday is not complete. There are innumerable varieties of birthday cakes available today at cake stores. But there must be one cake that belongs to the top position amongst all the options. –   black forest cake.

For many years, black forest cake has been the most often consumed birthday cake.  You won’t feel sick after eating this cake since there isn’t too much cream in it. The bread has a delicate texture.  Due to the flavor’s perfect balance of sweetness, it is appropriate for all age groups and every occassions.It is the unanimous choice for a birthday cake globally. 

Fruit Cakes

fruit-cakesA stronger appetite for various fruit flavor combinations has been in trend. By  adding ethnic flavors to traditional favorites, or giving citrus flavors a contemporary twist. Cakes with flavors like orange, lemon, and lime are much in trend. Fruit cakes are very light. Nowadays, they are in trend because of the fitness conscious approach of the people. No matter how much fruit cake you end up consuming, you will not feel full. They are the best Birthday cakes as they can be easily consumed in bigger portions.

Rainbow Birthday Cakes

rainbow-birthday-cakeBring the rainbow’s colors to the table! The fantastic, brilliantly colorful rainbow designs are sure to delight kids! As they say- You consume a cake by your eyes first and then comes the roles of your tastebuds. A rainbow birthday cake fits very well with this saying. They are very popular because of their vibrant colors and delicious taste. 


cakesSlogan cakes are the new normal as you can easily write a great slogan or a one-liner for your bestie or your annoying little brother on a cake. With a base of any flavor you want- ranging from chocolate to vanilla- you can make the birthday celebration a memorable one by getting a slogan birthday cakes. Moreover, you can even personalize a birthday cake in accordance to the taste and preference of the recipient.

Cakes are more than simply a tasty delicacy that you devour to mark important events like birthdays and weddings. Additionally, a custom that reflects the importance of cakes in our lives is cutting the cake and sharing it with the people who mean the most to you. Furthermore, they add the happy element to every occasion.

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