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Zomato 10 Minute Delivery Plan: A Strategy that May Win Customer’s Hearts

Zomato announced Zomato 10 minute delivery plan which promises delivery within 3-7 minutes. Zomato Instant will be launched in Gurugram soon.

Being a foodie, there are times when you start craving your favorite dishes. Since 2008, Zomato has proven to be the savior for all the foodies. Whether it is about workaholics, homemakers, or kids, Zomato is a helping hand for everyone. Life is easy with Zomato as you can order food from your favorite restaurants anytime anywhere. Moreover, the best part is the guaranteed 30-minute delivery. Now, Zomato has come up with Zomato 10-minute delivery plan. Yes, you read it right. Isn’t it exciting? It implies that you will get your order within 10 minutes at your doorstep. But will it be pressurizing for the delivery partners? Well, there can be a number of questions arising in your mind regarding the Zomato 10 minute delivery plan. No worries! This blog will answer all your questions. Let’s begin.

What is Zomato’s 10-minute Delivery Plan?

Despite the fact that 30-minute deliveries will soon be obsolete, Zomato is preparing itself for the future by investing in innovation. As part of this initiative, Zomato is launching Zomato Instant delivery in Gurugram next month, with the objective of delivering specific food items.

In a tweet announcing the new service, Zomato clarified why Zomato’s 10-minute delivery plan is necessary. The company says customers want quick answers to their needs, and sorting restaurants by their delivery time are one of the most popular features of their app. The question arises, will Zomato make this service possible? Let’s see.

Will Zomato be Able to Make This Service Possible?

Well, there are a number of questions that are arising in customers’ minds like will the Zomato ultra-fast delivery services going to be cons for the delivery partners, are these services really going to happen, and a lot more. So let’s see what Deepinder Goyal (the founder of Zomato) wants to say.

Deepinder Goyal’s Announcement on Zomato 10 minute delivery plan


In order to fulfill our quick delivery promise, we do not put any pressure on our delivery partners to deliver food faster. In addition, we do not penalize delivery partners for delivering food late.

There will be no disclosure of delivery to the delivery partners. On the road, time optimization is not possible, and no lives are at risk.

To fulfill our promise of quick delivery, we built a dense network of finishing stations close to high-demand neighborhoods. Using sophisticated algorithms, we ensure that your food is sterile, fresh, and hot at the time of pickup using robotics and future-ready algorithms.

The Agenda (As per Deepinder Goyal)

There is an increasing demand for faster responses from customers. Planning isn’t for them, and they don’t want to wait. Zomato’s app allows users to sort restaurants according to their fastest delivery times, which is one of the most popular features of the app. 

Moreover, as a frequent customer of Blinkit (Zomato’s investment in the quick commerce space), I have started believing that Zomato’s 30-minute delivery time is way too slow, and it is going to end up obsolete in the near future. If we don’t, someone else will replace it. 

Innovation and leadership from the front are the only ways to survive (and thus thrive) in the tech industry. Our 10-minute food delivery offering – Zomato Instant delivery – is here for you now.

How Will It Work

Our company was the first to deliver hot and fresh food in under 10 minutes at scale, and we were ecstatic to take the lead.

What we do matters deeply to us. Hence, “no compromises” was our first rule when it came to instant food delivery. The eight principles behind Zomato Instant are:

  • (Almost) as affordable as home-cooked food
  • Highest quality of fresh food
  • World-class hygiene practices
  • Minimal use of plastic packaging
  • Convenient packaging for quick/easy consumption 
  • Traceable supply chain (v2)
  • Delivery partner safety 
  • Deep collaboration with restaurant partners

We will stock our finishing stations with bestsellers (*20-30 dishes) from a variety of restaurants based on demand predictability and hyperlocal preferences. Luckily, our experience in delivering 1.35 billion orders to customers across India over the years alleviates some of the hard work.

Better Food For More People!


From next month onwards, four stations in Gurugram will pilot Zomato Instant. Our mission statement says “better food for more people” and this is one of the biggest steps we have taken to reach that goal. Restaurants need to improve on the following four tenets in order to compete with home-cooked food –

  • Affordability 
  • Accessibility
  • Assortment
  • Quality

In a nutshell, AAAQ. With an instant delivery system like Zomato Instant, Zomato will be able to reduce the delivery time from an average of 30 minutes to under 10 minutes. It will improve the affordability, accessibility, and quality of the food (with our influence over the supply chain, they can guarantee the highest grade ingredients and hygiene practices across the supply chain).

Zomato believes that some of its best products are yet to come. The company sincerely hopes Zomato Instant delivery will create even more delicious food experiences.

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