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5 Best Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow in 2023

Fashion can be understood when seen visually. Fashion bloggers are always on the trend. They showcase fashion that is understood by people.

Visuals are the best method to understand Fashion. So when it comes to new trends, bloggers have a good hold. Social Media, however, are good only for quick steps. When it comes to serious discussions and inspirations for the best fashion trends, influencers or bloggers are the right places.

Bloggers mostly start on social media. Slowly with recognition, they establish themselves as a brand. Even after having their own website, an active presence on social media is essential for increasing their social presence.

Fashion bloggers are not differentiated based on their location. There are many fashion bloggers to look out for in 2023. 

Below is the curated list of the 5 Best Fashion bloggers:

Egg Canvas

Brought to life by Erica Choi, based out of New York. Erica is a photographer and design director. The word “Egg” is the meaning of her Lorean name, and “Canvas” is the medium on which art originates. 

She posts beautiful pictures with amazing captions. She also talks about the latest New Your Fashion week as well as a guide around NYC.

Harper & Harley

A minimalist fashion blogger, Sara Crampton, follows the philosophy “less is more”. Her fashion blogs are not only limited to fashion but also continue her minimal look through her home. She started blogging in 2008 and gathered outstanding appreciation and recognition in such a short span. Her collection mostly comprises only the colors Black, White, and Grey. She has worked in collaboration with leading fashion companies like Nike, Gucci, etc.

The Fashion Guitar

Founded by Charlotte Groeneveld-Van Haren, was born in the Netherlands. She is a mother of two and settled in New York. Her blogs show a wonderful transition through her maternity and motherhood phase. She worked on different fashion blogs before starting her own. She continues collaborating with several different fashion brands.

One Dapper Street

Fashion blogging is not always for women alone. Marcel Floruss was born in Germany but now is a resident of New York. The thought of starting a fashion blog came to him because he wanted to make people aware that fashion can be for men as well. His blogs are a combination of photography and shopping. The blog mainly consists of street and dapper styles for men. His motive has been to change the concept of men and fashion, and so far he has brought about quite a successful change.

Grasie Mercedes

She has a website with her name and is the most multi-talented person on this list. Grasie not only talks about fashion, but also is a writer, actor, director, and podcast host. She sports the latest fashion trends and fills up her website with amazing pictures. Her website is just like a massive portfolio, in which she displays all her creative talent.

Winding Up

Fashion brings out new ideas every year. So will 2023 bring in more new bloggers or will the existing ones continue to trend – only time will tell?

There are no specific criteria for rating these fashion bloggers except for the people following each of them. 2023 may bring more competitors to this list. Did we mention your favorite blogger?

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