20 Best Fashion Blogs You Should Follow In 2022

Here are 20 fashion blogs in the USA to follow for getting updates on fashion, trends, beauty etc. for being very informative and interesting.

Fashion blogs are the most searchable online places where millions of people explore styles, designs, and seasonal accessories to look and feel good. Many of these blogs talk about beauty tips and skin care treatment to offer a complete package for grooming self. 

Here is the list of the best Fashion Blogs that have registered overwhelming online traffic and queries. 

Best US-Based Fashion Blogs



This online fashion blog has all, ranging from the latest and greatest celebrity styles, runway trends, and recommendations to shop for by beauty experts. This front-runner online platform lets people see premium styles in their originals and with genuine descriptions. It won’t be wrong to say that this blog has become an all-time favorite online place to discover trends and fashion facts by experts. 

2. Atlantic Pacific

Blair Eadie started Atlantic-Pacific to share her experience in the aesthetic world. She worked with big brands like Tory Burch and Gap. Here insider experience guided her to showcase her own fashion sense. People started admiring the way she sees aesthetics, which proves “east coast meets west coast” right. As an influencer, she incorporated brands like Nordstrom, Amazon, Sephora, CoverGirl, Gucci, and more. Moreover, she has Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar as luxurious brands to collaborate working with. Together with blogs, she also comes up with online books and webinars to help people improve their fashion sense.


Here, readers see great fashion and style-based content. It’s no less than an asset for its owner who lives and shares her extraordinary sense of fashion. The only dream that she has in her eyes is to let people discover how insanely fashionable she is. Her obsession with fashion reflects on the website.  

4. Louise Roe 

Louise Roe has set up a fashion website to show his love for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. He is a TV host, a journalist, and Front Roe’s author. His online blogs range from outfit ideas to beauty tips, recipes, and DIYs. This Stylistpick.com columnist also has a line of fashion shoes & bags. Moreover, the very reputed Huffington Post and Men’s Health UK online platforms publish his high-quality articles on fashion.

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This fashion website is owned by Julia Berolzheimer. Here, unique fashion sense or looks for dailies, summer favorites, snazzy styles, and a lot more things are common topics to read. Here, every piece of writing shows an in-depth discovery of the real-time aesthetic experience. These blogs push the community of women to see classic and feminine aesthetics through beautifully curated topics. 


This blog is from New York, USA, where unique stories of style, insane fashion tricks, cultural art, celebrity, and films steal the show. In addition, it shows the best coverage regarding the best-dressed celebrities and fashion weeks in its articles.

7. Extra Petite

This Boston, US-based online fashion website uniquely defines lifestyle blogs. Here, the writer -Jean opens up about crazy styling ideas and shopping descriptions. She basically suggests how to look trendy and stylish. With incredible ideas and suggestions, women of any size, age, or height feel confident to try them. Unlike overdone styling icons, readers find the shared style advisory the best fit for office goers mostly. They talk about more colors that are in-trend.     

8. linaeggiman

This is actually dedicated to fashion, life, and coffee. Here in all articles let all fashion enthusiasts feel more in the wonderland where life is no less than a runway. This is for all – mothers, wives, models, make-up addicts, weirdos, students, and fashion designers. People celebrate reading and admiring every fashion update here.  

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This online fashion platform kicks your mood up with the best choice possible in terms of trends, styles, and attire. There is no bar for a specific gender here, as you can see a line of warm & cool jackets for men together with women’s accessories and beauty products. Every trending product justifies comfort, price, quality, season, market trends, and member-only crazy styles & selections. You can call it really innovative where reward programs attract readers to win points or discounts. 


This Dallas-based website of Amy Jackson has fun for fashion-lovers and beauty-conscious people. Lifestyle, travel, and product reviews are also there to hook readers. For trend inspiration as per season, in-budget styling options, itineraries, food, and obsessive Instagram posts are aligned to feel more fashionable.  


This is an Alpaca Collection where articles can help you sense how to be snazzy with trending clothing. Online catalogs are there, defining new arrivals, clothing lines for men & women, shawls, sweaters, coats, vicuna, blankets, socks, & corporate gift items. Users love to explore On Sale & Wholesale accessories that represent truly stylish designs.

12. Southern Curls & Pearls

This fashion site is amazing, covering articles on trending and seasonal outfits, beauty items, and wellness. For those who want to come across innovative styling tips, it shows tips to look so with must-have wardrobe essentials. Besides, there is a switch to click and hop to its Instagram account where Caitlin Covington has hundreds of fashion & wellness ideas in snapshots. This Sincerely Jules shop is a cut and sew brand, surfacing since 2012.  Its flattering and ultra-modern high designer clothes look simply elegant and flattering.  

13. Kendi Everyday 

This is Kendi Everyday blog, which is the best fit for the girl living the life of a style icon. It was 2009 when it started coming up with updates on how to look voguish. Gradually, it has evolved into an essence of style, beauty, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. The editor Kendi comes up with an original vision that inspires lives by elevating the style of every girl.

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14. 9to5 Chic

This fashion platform stuns with its own way of expressing personal style in the workplace. This was an initiative of a goal-oriented, career-driven, and fashion-minded Diego Slum, who is also a wife, mother, animal & food lover

She carries out her own way of looking iconic. Her offerings are a rare sale ranging from items related to beauty, blazers, flats, skirts, maternity, travel, trousers, jeans, fitness like skin care treatment, home décor, etc. In all, people have a choice to look chic by using her fashion tips.


This is a dream of Jacey Duprie where she has a number of inspirational tips and tools to create a head-turner look. Her styling tips seem a must-have for looking absolutely a show-stopper-like look. In the category of Loving, Wanting, Listening, readers can have motivational ideas to become a stunner at work, home, or anywhere. The idea is to always look like a Damsel in Dior.  

16. Where Did U Get That

It’s an idea to answer “where did you get that”. However, the UK-based author Karen Blanchard had no idea of the best shopping places when she moved to New York from London.  So, this online fashion blog ends the longing of a stranger who is in search of shopping gems. It is a shop for every GIRL, where from she can build her closet through this treasure-like shopping and styling place. In short, it’s the place to obsess with in New York.  

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17. The Sweetest Thing Blog

This is a dream and reality of Emily Gemma, who is the author of this online fashion outlet. There had been a spark in her eyes since a very young age, which defines her fondness and passion for striking jewelry, pink skirts, polka dots, curling irons, etc. This is an introduction to getting a perfect answer of style-based queries. 

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18. The Style Scribe

This is where Merritt Beck celebrates the best in style, travel, beauty, and other luxuries of life. Here, readers can have all recipes and tips to stay healthy, and fit. Even, you can have a good piece of advice when it comes to gifting an item to a person of any age or gender. She offers timeless staples to trendy steals, where colours add a zing to a balanced wardrobe. It’s where college goers & others can have fun with cool coloured dresses to enjoy every season with love.  

19. Penny Pincher Fashion

PPF has its root in 2011. An amazing woman, Kimberly decided to take great styles to every wardrobe. She worked hard to make this website accessible & attainable for everyone. Here, a layman can easily explore the best fashion finds, outfit inspirations, and beauty tips.

20. Mia Mia Mine

It’s where people can come, relate themselves, and get inspired. With creativity all in place, it is a go-to resource for those who want to discover fashion sense and suggestions for modern workplaces. A modern woman can have the best of both worlds aesthetic to look chic. Here, all designs and things come up with timeless beauty and well-tailored investment pieces to look versatile.

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These are all the most famous fashion blogs in the USA that you should follow in 2022. These all talk about trends, fashion, beauty and skin care treatment. Simply put, these blogs have everything that can help you look beautiful, trendy, and in-fashion. They all come from trend-setter designers, authors, and influencer’s.

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