ultimate-guide-to-dressing-for-a-party ultimate-guide-to-dressing-for-a-party

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing for a Party

Use these six tips given in this ultimate guide to dressing for a party and you will become the heartthrob of everyone for sure.

We all like to party. Well, most of us! If you belong to the boisterous, gregarious lot that does, you must be familiar with the mixed feeling of excitement and stress you experience when you get an invite to a party. You leap with delight the moment you hear the word ‘party’, but then the thought of what to wear to look your best sends you into a frenzy.

For us ladies, the meaning of the word ‘party’ is altogether different from what it translates into. It instead means ‘a dressing competition’, and to win this competition, we don’t mind multiple trips to the market or loosening our purse strings a little.

This post will guide you on how to achieve a perfect party look without spending too much money, time, or energy. It also brings together some affordable party dresses for women to make the challenge easier for you. So, let the revelry commence!

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How to Look Party-Perfect?

For women, a party look is glamorous, gorgeous, and glitzy. You don’t, however, have to go out of your budget to achieve the look. Here are some simple ways you can do the magic.

1. Simplicity is the Key

The first simple way is to adopt simplicity. Even though you want a party look, never go overboard with shimmer and shine. Some folks think that that’s the need of the occasion and add too much glitter to their look by using excessive jewelry, which only subdues the main apparel and makes it look showy and tasteless.

As I always say, unless it’s your wedding, heavy jewelry is unseemly and unneeded. If you decide to wear your mom’s wedding jewelry to a party, drop the necklace. The earrings will suffice.

2. The Dress Code is the Mandate

No matter how good you look, if your outfit is not in accordance with the dress code, you are not well-dressed. Besides, following the dress code shows your good manners as well as your respect for the decorum of the place.

Always find out the dress code and keep it in mind when planning what to wear. Hosts often mention the dress code either on the invitation card or verbally while inviting you. In case they don’t know it, you can always ask them or a friend who is also invited.

3. Black Is Your Best Buddy

Unless the dress code is another color, black makes the best choice for party wear. It can always save you. Whether you are slim or chubby, fair or dark, or short or tall, it suits everyone and makes them look gorgeous. In fact, in the fashion dictionary, black is another word for ‘gorgeous. This is a reason most party dresses for women are black.

A long black gown with stitching patterns, such as ruches and ruffles, works perfectly well. Just complete the outfit with some long crystal earrings, a fine, delicate pair of heels, and a clutch, and you are a lady with class.

As for the fabric, make a choice that keeps you comfortable and season-appropriate.

4. Grooming is Essential

You mostly get the invite some days before the event is scheduled to take place. Use this time to groom yourself. For example, if your hair looks unruly and rough, it’s time you visited the parlor and got rid of those split ends, which could make your whole appearance look messy and unkempt.

If you have the luxury of time, try getting a manicure and pedicure as well. You can do that yourself if you can’t afford these expensive procedures at a beauty salon. Just make sure there are no cuticles or hangnails, because you have no idea how far unclean hands and feet can go to tarnish your whole image.

You are going to see many new as well as familiar faces, and you don’t want to leave a bad impression on any of them.

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5. Planning Should Be Perfect

Although the future is beyond our control and things may turn out contrary to how we expect them, you should still plan everything so that if everything goes as expected, you don’t have to rush around at the eleventh hour and miss or break something.

Plan your makeup as well; for example, what lip shade you are going to wear or what footwear would best go with your dress.

You should also take into account how you are going to get to the venue and allow for traffic delays.

Good planning always leads to success.

6. Clothing Should Be Comfortable and Flatter Your Figure

You can never have fun if you are not comfortable. The clothes or footwear you choose to wear should fit you well. Too tight or too loose items may make you feel uneasy. Just because your friends are wearing something, doesn’t mean you also have to wear it. For example, not everyone can carry heels or a miniskirt.

You should also consider your body type when deciding what to wear. If you have a pear-shaped figure, which is when your hips are broader than your bust and shoulders, you should focus more on your torso than on your legs. A flowing top will cast a picture-perfect silhouette by making your upper part look bulkier and in proportion to your hips. In winter, you can use a jacket or another layer to add more volume to your upper part.

Women who have a rectangular body shape, on the other hand, should focus more on their legs. Choices such as heels and miniskirts can help them. A belt should also help them define their waistline. Mid-rise pants can help them draw even more attention to the waistline.


In case you have the hourglass body shape, which is categorized by hips and breasts having the same size and being broader than the waist, the waistline should still be your main focus. It’s an ideal figure, and you want to flaunt it by wearing form-fitting, flattering clothes.

If you have a round apple-shaped body, you should try long, loose-fitting, monochrome gowns and tops. They will help you look slimmer and fitter.

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