Top 5 Fashion Forward Blue Hair Ideas in 2023 For Females


People usually love to experiment with their looks. They change their looks in various ways for this reason. Most people love to try new hair ideas to innovate their looks.

A new hairstyle brings a new wave of refreshment to their look. A much younger look in addition to an improved mood is equally important.

The Winter 2022 season is in full swing nowadays. Moreover, festive occasions like Christmas 2022 and 31st December are also around the corner.

Would you like to continue to look with your old look? That’s fine!

Continue reading further if you want to try a new look in 2023. We have got a list of fashion-forward ideas for you to try.

What About Trying These 5 Fashion Forward Blue Hair Ideas To Try in 2023?

These looks don’t scream ‘Smurf’.

But why blue only? Looks like you have got a million-dollar question in your mind.

Modern celebs usually prefer a variety of hair colours for every occasion. Their fans also like to follow their footprints similarly on the fashion front.

Blue also remains one of their favourite colours for every special occasion. Try it in 2023 for the following reasons:

  • A new pop of colour is the first reason. 
  • Something you would love the most about it is the daring look you will get. 
  • Some softness to your look is another benefit of it. 
  • You will sizzle in all types of jeans, t-shirts, or dresses.

We are about to tell you some hair colours or looks you must try in 2023.

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 5 Fashion Forward Blue Hair Ideas To Try In 2023

ICY Blue


ICY Blue is the first on this list. It is on this list because of the royal look you get. But Lady Gaga also deserves some credit. She has made it a trend for special occasions.

Get your hair colored in blue in order to look like an ice queen among your contacts. Lady Gaga ruled every heart with this look during the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Always match your shade of blue with your skin’s undertone before trying it. Choose your shade of blue then and see the magic. Everyone will fall in love with your look then.

Your favourite celebs steal your heart for one more reason. They understand the dress type to wear with such a hair colour combination.

Lady Gaga stole millions of hearts during the 2019 Golden Globe Awards Show in a Valentino gown. Her soft white icicle blue Valentino gown matched perfectly with her ICY Blue hair

Bright Turquoise With A Greyish-Blue Shade

Photo: Courtesy of Georgia May Jagger / @georgiamayjagger

This is another fantastic fashion-forward hair trend you must try in 2023. Most young celebs like to play with different shades of such beautiful colours.

Many popular figures love to block two complementary tones. Georgia Mayjagger is compelling evidence of it.

Youngsters love the way such a  popular British-American model and fashion designer uses this hair colour trend.

Georgia Mayjagger uses Bright Turquoise With A Greyish-Blue Shade in a way that blocks two complementary tones.

Fans love the way her tresses look for this reason. Are you ready to try it in 2023?

Lob, Wet Hair And Blue Color


Why hop on a single trend only? In other words, try to mix three different trends this time. Steal every heart with a wet look?

Tell your hairstylist to give you this look. Alternatively, you can achieve this fashion feat at home also. Spare some time for yourself first. Then just combine lob with your wet look as well as blue hair.

Just get out of your home once you get this amazing hair color combination. Ladies with slightly chocolate brown skin must try this for a total smoke show.

Your life partner will be in love with you forever.

Just see Shay Mithcell in this look once. Shay knows the art of combining lob, wet look, and blue hair for a total smoke show.

Shay sets a million hearts on fire with her wet blue tresses combined perfectly with a lob. Everyone loves this Canadian actress for the way she looks.

Dark Teal Take


There are different variations of this shade. Many people try a choice of their own. But most youngsters like dark teal in order to give their hair dark blueish colour. 

Moreover, they like to match it with their skin’s undertone. It is one of the best hair ideas because of the unique look it gives you.

Ladies with a slightly milky brown skin tone will sizzle with it. Demi Lovato is perfect compelling evidence of it.

Demi used this hair colour for years and won millions of hearts with it worldwide.

Blue Hair From Mid-Shaft To The Tips


Some people love to play with colour in order to experiment with their hair. These people do their best to add complementary shades of blue colour.

Are you also one of those hair colour enthusiasts? Have you also thought about a bunch of playful dreadlocks colored blue from the mid-shaft to the tips?

Amandla Stenberg, an influential American actress, could be your ideal then. Just look at her once you will fall in love with her immediately.

Amandla does not need any introduction today. Check her photo once more and you will know the way this talented actress has won millions of hearts worldwide.

Wrapping Up!!!

Try one of these top 5 Fashion-Forward Blue Hair Ideas in 2023. Do not forget to post your picture on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile after you get one of these hair colour combinations.

The count of followers will multiply significantly. Even the number of comments, shares, and likes will also increase significantly. All in all, people will love you like never before.


Which Other Hair Colour Combinations I Can Try in 2023?

You can try any new hair color combination in 2023. Dark-shaded cascading curls and bright turquoise strands are perfect examples.

Do I Need To Match My Skin’s Undertone With The Color Combination of My Choosing?

Experts strongly suggest it. It is because experts want you to look amazing.

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