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Important Things You Must Know About Face Taping Techniques

What Are Face Taping Techniques? What Does it do? Does it really work? Is Face Taping Really Dangerous? Get answers here.

The Internet is home to information about several beauty trends. Face taping techniques are also one of those trends.

This facial skincare beauty trend is viral on social media platforms these days. Millions of people are falling in love with it these days.

Even social media influencers are falling in love with it. These social media influencers are inspiring millions of people to fall in love with such a unique trend.

People are trying it. Do you also want to try it?

Hang on! Trying something new is a good thing. But haste makes waste! Always remember this.

We suggest you learn a couple of things about it before trying it.

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What is Face Taping?

The first thing you should know about it is this. Dr. Newman calls it a technique used for taping wrinkles on the face. Users go to bed with tape on their faces. Their wrinkles disappear after they remove the tape from their face in the morning.

This technique usually focuses on the area around your eyes. However, it has been frequently used on the following areas of your face these days:

  • Neck.
  • Forehead.
  • Jaw.
  • Cheekbones.

Does It Work?

Face taping is a fantastic solution for the purpose of removing wrinkles temporarily. In other words, wrinkles usually come back soon after you remove the tape from your face.

What Does It Do?

It works for a short period just because of the tape’s impression on your face. It sculpts the facelift.

All in all, it just creates an illusion of a facelift. Most facial skin care experts use it only for pulling all the skin around your eyes, neck, jawline, cheekbones, and forehead. They do so in order to make you look young and vibrant like your favourite celebrities.

Tape on your face only hides signs of your ageing. These signs also disappear only for some time.

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Is Face Taping Dangerous?

Everything that glitters is not gold! Have you also heard this English phrase from your elders during your childhood? Every coin has a flipside too!

All in all, the use of face taping techniques can be very dangerous for the health of your facial skin. Most experienced dermatologists do not suggest its regular use. Some do not even suggest its occasional use.

  • It is because of the use of toxic glues in the manufacturing of such tapes. 
  • Moreover, many users are reporting issues like Dermatitis or irritation to their skin. 
  • Scarring on your face because of blisters can also bother you. 

Experienced dermatologists suggest the use of tapes that are specifically designed to help you deal with your facial skin-related issue.

Do not forget to seek your experienced dermatologist’s advice also. His or her experience and advice can help you make the right choice.

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Wrapping Up!

Do not just use any tape to remove wrinkles from your face. Moreover, read all instructions of the manufacturer and follow them carefully as well as strictly. More importantly, never try it without the help or advice from your experienced dermatologist.

Let us know your experience below in the comment box.


✅ What Are Possible Alternatives of Face Taping?

The list includes but is not limited to injections, Dermal Fillers, Laser Skin Resurfacing, and Creams And Lotions only.

✅ How Long Face Should Be Tapped On?

Face Taping is usually good for up to 3 minutes only. Try it for 3 minutes only for videos. But never leave it on your face for a couple of hours.

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