Top 5 Online Education Sites Top 5 Online Education Sites

Top 5 Online Education Sites

Top 5 online education sites are Coursera, Udemy, Edx, Udacity and Linkedin Learning. These sites offer many courses, certifications and degrees. Read more

Online education sites worldwide are the latest education trend. Millions of people nowadays study online to give their careers a direction.

The count of online learners has multiplied significantly for this reason. More than 57% of students in schools worldwide have electronic devices assigned for the purpose of education. Almost 45% of schoolgoers love to learn through the following digital mediums:

  • Interactive videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Assessments.
  • Digital learning platforms.
  • Forums.
  • Discussion boards.
  • Sourcing from written materials.

Do you also love to learn online these days? Many people these days spend hours finding the best platforms to improve their knowledge. Are you also one of those?

You are then at the right place at the right time! We have found you a couple of websites to help you take your qualification and skills to the next level.

5 Best Online Education Sites For You:


Coursera offers you free as well as paid courses. Anyone can signup and earn a certification or a degree through a free/paid online course. The entire process is very easy.

  • Just signup.
  • Verify your account details.
  • Choose your course (Free or Paid).
  • Make the payment.
  • Complete your course.
  • Take the exam.
  • Get your degree or certification.

Coursera - Top 5 online education sites

Your learning begins as soon as you complete the formalities.

Udemy – One Of The Best Free Online Education Sites:

Udemy is one of the best online education sites for learning enthusiasts like you. Their team offers you a wide range of courses related to the following domains:

  • Development, business, and finance.
  • Office productivity, and personal development.
  • Photography & video editing.
  • Healthy, fitness, music, design.
  • Marketing, finance, accounting.
  • Teaching, academics in addition to lifestyle.

Udemy - Top 5 online education sites


EDx Is also one of the popular online education sites for learners to pursue the following levels of education:

  • First, is executive education.
  • Second, a bachelor’s degree.
  • Third, a master’s degree.

Edx - Top 5 online education sites

Explore it for courses in the following domains:

  • Computer Sciences, languages, and data science. Languages.
  • Engineering, humanities in addition to business & management.
  • Healthcare, education as well as sustainability.
  • Leadership And interpersonal skill development.
  • Politics, economics in addition to the law.
  • Operations, supply chain, and project management.
  • Marketing, sales, and design.
  • IT & cyber security.
  • HR & talent management.
  • Healthcare & wellbeing.
  • Finance, investment, real estate, fintech, and blockchain.

The list of courses available on this platform does not end here only.

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Udacity – One Of The Best Free Online Education Sites:

Udacity is an IDC leader that fills digital talent gaps. They prepare IDC-recognized job-ready digital talent ready to deliver outcomes.

Udacity - Top 5 online education sites

People of all ages can register on it for accelerating their careers through job-ready digital skills.

Team UDacity offers courses for enterprise-level professionals, government employees, and individuals.

This is a great platform for pursuing career courses in more than 50 fields. Try once and let us know your experience.

Linkedin Learning:

Linkedin Learning is also a great educational platform. Professionals from all parts of the world love it. Professionals like you can access this platform to access up to 15000 interactive and engaging video courses in more than seven languages.

Linkedin Learning - Top 5 online education sites

Free courses available on the platform allow you to learn from practised industry experts. You get to learn from them in order to upgrade your skillset to accelerate your career.

Listed below are the type of courses available on this platform:

  • Beginner.
  • Intermediate learner.
  • Expert.

Do you need a certification? Then try one of the following courses:

  • Business.
  • Personal development
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Design & online technology courses.

But the list does not end here only.

The Internet is home to unlimited websites dedicated to education. All of these websites add value to your experience, knowledge base, and career with different types of learning material.

What is more important is that you learn different materials, skills, technologies, and techniques that are likely to keep your job ready in the future. These courses can even help you accelerate your career like never before.

Have you ever enrolled in a course on one of these free online education websites in your life? Let us know your journey thereafter. We would love to read it in the comment box.

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✅ Is Coursera A Free Online Site?

Yes! Coursera is a free online education site these days. Most courses available on it are free these days. But you have to pay for completing a graded assignment and getting a course certificate/degree.

✅ Is EDx Certificate Recognised?

Yes! EDX certificate is fully recognized. Employers, schools, and other institutions trust and recognize EDX-issued certificates. An EDx certificate is recognized as proof that you have completed an online course from EDx.

✅ Are Udemy Courses Free?

Some Udemy courses are free. But some Udemy courses are paid. The minimum course fee on Udemy is 700 INR per month. The course fee depends on the course you have enrolled in.

✅ Are Udacity Courses Free And Paid?

Yes! Udacity courses are free and paid. Udacity is an online education site known for offering free as well as paid courses. You can choose the type of course that you want to enroll in.

✅ Are All Linkedin Learning Video Courses Free?

No! Some Linkedin Learning video courses are free. But some are paid. You can choose the type of course that you want to enroll in. It is one of the best online education websites for learning from more than 15000 courses prepared by experts in 7 different languages.

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