Top Travel Journalists in the USA Top Travel Journalists in the USA

Top Travel Journalists in the USA

Stories of adventure, wonder and discovering the unknown! This is the heart of travel blogging. The top travel journalists in the USA have spent years perfecting the art of transporting readers. As a result, they explore domestic and international destinations through vivid storytelling. Their words evoke the spirit of exploration. And this is from backroad rambles to exotic treks halfway across the world.

As USA travel journalism experts, they share their hard-won wisdom. So readers can craft their own journey. Their tales of misadventure and serendipity on the road inspire us to tread the unbeaten path ourselves. They convey the essence of both people and locations. And the reason for that is their insightful counsel and vivid prose.

This article celebrates the leading voices in Top travel reporters United States today. As intrepid reporters, they convey more than just where to go. But why do certain locations resonate on a deeper level? Their work speaks to our innate curiosity about the world’s varied cultures & experiences.

American travel bloggers entertain on everything from backyard camping to food pilgrimages. They blend literary travel writing with journalistic attention to detail. Some are veterans of decades on the road. While others represent an exciting new generation of digital nomads. There are explorers in print, online, and more. They report from sidewalk cafes to remote villages.

The lineup features newspaper columnists, magazine contributors and amateur wanderers alike. While trekking through bustling world capitals, their adventurous spirit shines through. They understand travel’s unique power to:

  • Nourish the soul
  • Transform perspectives
  • And connect us across borders real and imagined.

Moreover, top US travel journalists help us discover the wonders of the world, near and far. They capture the emotional essence of journeying through masterful storytelling. Also, remind us that curiosity is our most important luggage.

Read on to find out who are some of the most influential travel editors USA!

Renowned American Travel Storytellers: 9 Correspondents From Coast to Coast

America’s vast landscapes and cultures require gifted storytellers to fully explore. These 9 notable travel correspondents America traverse the nation and beyond. By doing so, they share transportive tales of journey and discovery. Due to a masterful mix of genres, their dispatches from the open road capture travel’s spirit. Let’s dive in and discuss more about them in detail:

1. Peter Greenberg – Veteran Journalist Distilling Adventure’s Essence

Due to his adventurous reporting across the media, Peter Greenberg has been nicknamed “The Travel Detective”. He has Instagram followers exceeding 46,000. He diligently investigates every story to unearth insider knowledge and undiscovered treasures for viewers. Peter is CBS News’ long-time travel editor.

Furthermore, Greenberg regularly takes viewers coast-to-coast. By doing so, he showcases domestic and global destinations. His expertise also reached readers through bestselling books. And also due to his nationally syndicated column for nearly three decades.

His immersive accounts of travel around America and abroad draw on decades of globetrotting. The journalist distills airport security tricks into the essence of adventure. Travel writer Greenberg uncovers boutique mountain lodges or candidly discusses overtourism. His stories entice and inform audiences through an insider’s lens.

2. Johnny Jet – An Affordable Explorer Sparking Wanderlust

John DiScala, better known as Johnny Jet. He shares his passion for globetrotting with nearly 30,000 loyal Instagram followers. His helpful insider tips and enthusiastic voice make journeying around the world infectious. Jet covers everything from maximizing airline miles to budget-friendly travel with kids. Aside from relaxing Caribbean beaches, he has scaled the ancient steps of Machu Picchu.

He shares the cultures, foods, and connections through vibrant photography and engaging storytelling. They make travel so rewarding. His expertise as an avid traveler for over 20 years shines through. For those bitten by the travel bug, Johnny Jet is a jovial guru spreading infectious wanderlust worldwide. His friendly demeanor and extensive expertise of jet-setters captivate listeners. So that you can start exploring planets near and far.

3. Matt Long – Former Attorney Capturing Wanderlust’s Allure

In 2010, Matt Long made a bold career change. He left behind the legal field to pursue his passion for travel and photography full-time. This leap of faith quickly paid off. He has a popular Instagram account named LandLopers. His Instagram account rapidly amassed over 38,000 engaged followers.

Long has a gift for conveying the spirit and magic of diverse destinations through stellar writing and photography. He highlights:

  • Immersive cultural experiences
  • Outdoor adventures
  • And hidden gems that go beyond typical tourist attractions.

His extensive cruise ship reviews and coverage of luxury accommodations provide a well-rounded perspective.

Vivid descriptions of his global journeys transport readers worldwide. Long’s stunning landscape and cityscape shots perfectly capture fleeting moments. They make travel so rewarding. His mantra seems to be “follow your passion”. It is a message that resonates with travelers. For wanderlusts seeking inspiration, Long captures the allure of exploring the open road.

4. Kate McCulley – Fearless Solo Explorer Empowering Women

Under her moniker “Adventurous Kate”, Kate McCulley empowers female solo travelers to embrace adventure. She rejected the corporate grind in 2009 to travel the world independently. Today over 123,000 Instagram fans enjoy her journey.

McCulley provides women with practical safety advice and destination tips culled from years of solo wandering. Her writing transports readers to exotic locales ranging from Saudi Arabia to Somaliland. She motivates women to travel courageously on their own through chronicles of her bold exploits.

For those desiring meaningful solo journeys, McCulley blazes an inspirational trail. With her spirit of adventure and empowering message, she draws women who love to travel. McCulley exemplifies how to live adventurously and wander fearlessly as a solo female explorer.

5. Tara Whiteman – Globetrotting Photographer Capturing Striking Beauty

In 2015, Tara Whiteman left behind modeling to pursue travel photography full-time. Her keen eye for composition and color has attracted over 1.3 million Instagram followers. Whiteman’s vivid images transport viewers around the globe. This is from the turquoise seas of the Maldives to the epic mountain peaks of the Swiss Alps.

Her photography immerses audiences in bustling city scenes, tranquil tropical vistas, and captivating cultural moments. Wanderlust is captured in Whiteman’s striking landscapes and fleeting moments. Traveling around the world allows her to capture stunning images.

For those bitten by the travel bug, Whiteman provides boundless visual inspiration to set off exploring. Her aspirational photography exemplifies the allure of roaming the planet and discovering its beauty.

6. Dave Grossman – Veteran Explorer Uncovering Hidden Gems

Dave Grossman has inspired curious wanderers since launching his popular Dave’s Travel Corner in 1997. Over 56,000 Instagram followers enjoy his dispatches uncovering unusual destinations globally.

Grossman utilizes his veteran explorer status to spotlight hidden travel gems missed by regular tourists. Through vibrant photos and engaging stories, he transports audiences to little-known locales on all seven continents.

His posts highlight off-the-beaten-path small towns, exotic outdoor adventures, colorful cultural festivals, and natural wonders. Grossman’s experiential accounts capture the spirit of these undiscovered places. His storytelling shifts focus to underrated destinations ideal for open-minded travelers.

For over 20 years, his site has revealed the road less traveled. Grossman’s dedication to uncovering what’s next motivates others to venture outside their comfort zone. His discerning eye opens up a world of possibilities for wanderers seeking fresh inspiration.

7. The Bucket List Family – Globe-trotting Clan Living Their Dreams

The daring Gee family reveals how to live your travel dreams as a tight-knit unit. In 2016, these audacious nomads liquidated their possessions to travel the world perpetually. Their infectious wanderlust inspires over 2.9 million Instagram followers. So they create bucket lists filled with cultural immersion.

From Finnish forests to Sri Lankan shores, the Gees craft unforgettable experiences for the whole family. Vivid social shares transport viewers worldwide. This is from Aussies snuggling with koalas to savoring local cuisine. Their mantra “Live Fun Travel Adventure Repeat” encapsulates an insatiable lust for discovery together.

With cross-cultural connections, the Gees exemplify building lifelong memories. Their kindred traveling spirit stokes our own sense of awe. They motivate us to embark on epic journeys as cohesive units.

8. Kristin Addis – Solo Female Backpacker Empowering Remote Wanderers

Kristin Addis rejected the corporate grind in 2012. So she embarked on long-term solo backpacking that continues today. She has a popular “Be My Travel Muse” blog and 130,000+ Instagram fans. She aims to empower women to travel independently.

Addis provides practical tips and inspiring photos from over 65 exotic countries. Her mantra is “Fearless female travel”. This encourages women to wander off the beaten path. From traversing the steppes of Mongolia to diving Egypt’s Red Sea. Addis embraces intrepid remote adventures.

Yet she also offers sage advice on the realities of solo travel, from safety concerns to budget stretching. Her empowering spirit motivates women worldwide to pursue their travel dreams. For solo female wanderers seeking inspiration, Addis interweaves practical guidance with motivational storytelling.

She embodies how to quench your thirst for adrenaline and wonder as an intrepid woman exploring our vast world. Addis’ hard-won wisdom gives women the courage to venture forth and craft their own extraordinary voyages.

9. Lee Abbamonte – Passionate Traveler Charting Rare Adventures

Lee Abbamonte is driven by an insatiable passion to visit every country. He calls himself the youngest American to achieve this feat. His 107,000 Instagram fans follow him as he uncovers obscure destinations avoided by regular tourists.

From Saudi Arabia to Vanuatu, Abbamonte has ventured to over 325 little-known locales and counting. Observing narwhal migration in the High Arctic is one of his rare adventures. Abbamonte also provides practical tips for navigating each country’s unique challenges.

His mantra is “Dare to Explore” as he charts once-in-a-lifetime journeys. A passionate traveler can find inspiration to get off the beaten path at Abbamonte. His passion for enigmatic places motivates us to venture beyond guidebooks into the unknown.

Abbamonte embodies how to craft epic global expeditions driven by curiosity and a thirst for wonder. His tireless pursuit of obscure corners of the world gives us the courage to chart our own singular voyages.

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Top Travel Journalists Enrich Our Perspectives Through Vivid Storytelling

These prominent travel feature writers in the USA showcase the power of vivid storytelling. Their transportive accounts of journeying on the open road capture the emotional essence of exploring. Through rich depictions of places, foods, and cultures worldwide, they expand our perspectives.

From veteran newspaper columnists to avid Instagrammers, these top travel journalists reveal the spirit of adventure. Their tales of wonder, misfortune, and serendipity motivate us to forge our own paths. They exemplify how insightful writing and photography enrich travel. It transforms mundane logs of lodging and transport into engaging chronicles that speak to our souls.

The lineup featured illuminates how diverse voices and mediums craft compelling narratives today. While trekking through exotic locales or their own backyards, their adventurous spirit shines through. These prominent American travel writers remind us that an open mind and insatiable curiosity are the only essential luggage. Their transportative words give us courage. So we can discover the world’s varied cultures and experiences firsthand.

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✅ Who is Peter Greenberg, and why is he known as “The Travel Detective”?

Peter Greenberg is a veteran travel journalist and CBS News’ travel editor, known as “The Travel Detective.” He explores domestic and global destinations, offering insider knowledge and undiscovered treasures for viewers.

✅ How does Johnny Jet inspire wanderlust through his travel expertise?

Johnny Jet, or John DiScala, with nearly 30,000 Instagram followers, shares budget-friendly travel tips and maximizes airline miles. His enthusiastic voice and helpful insider advice make global exploration infectious.

✅ Why did Matt Long leave his legal career to pursue travel and photography?

Matt Long made a career change in 2010, leaving law to follow his passion for travel and photography. His popular Instagram account, LandLopers, showcases immersive cultural experiences and outdoor adventures.

✅ How does Kate McCulley, known as “Adventurous Kate,” empower female solo travelers?

Kate McCulley, under her moniker “Adventurous Kate,” empowers female solo travelers by providing practical safety advice and destination tips from her years of solo wandering. She shares her bold exploits to motivate women to travel courageously.

✅ Why is Lee Abbamonte known as the youngest American to visit every country?

Lee Abbamonte is driven by an insatiable passion to visit every country, earning him the title of the youngest American to achieve this feat. His adventures, from Saudi Arabia to Vanuatu, inspire others to explore lesser-known destinations.

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