Top Travel Journalists in the India Top Travel Journalists in the India

Top Travel Journalists in India

Imagine getting lost in the bazaars of Jaipur. Or gazing up at the Taj Mahal at sunrise. India offers a treasure trove of travel delights. There is something for every traveler in India, from majestic Himalayas to pristine beaches. Capturing the essence of this diverse country through vivid storytelling is an art. Some travel bloggers in India have mastered this art. Their work transports you right into the heart of Incredible India.

In this blog, meet the pioneers who have unraveled India’s mysteries. These best travel bloggers have tirelessly crisscrossed the country. They have discovered hidden gems and documented popular sites. They have trekked through inhospitable terrains. Lived with indigenous tribes. Savor exotic cuisine and navigate chaotic cities. All to showcase the best of India.

Through expressive articles, vibrant photography, and engaging videos, they reveal India’s glory. Their work has inspired millions to travel deeper. They share insider tips to help plan your dream trip. Their destinations range from Kashmir’s valleys to Kerala’s backwaters. From Rajasthan’s forts to Goa’s beaches.

In this blog, we profile 13 prolific Indian travel journalists. Get a glimpse at their captivating work and achievements. Learn how they use social media for experiential travel. Discover the books they have authored. Continue exploring India through their eyes after returning.

By the end, you’ll have trusted guides. They’ll show you India beyond clichés. The India that stirs your soul. Your insight into the heart and spirit of this magical country.

So fasten your seatbelts. An epic ride awaits that will redefine your vision of India completely. Come join us as we trail discerning travelers unraveling secrets from incredible tales. Mysteries will unfold as you see India with new eyes. Adventure, wonders and revelations – a journey that transforms perspectives forever.

Are you ready to dive in and have your mind expanded? The quest begins here. The time is now!

13 Prominent Indian Travel Journalists Who Captured the Diversity of a Magical Land

India dazzles with its rich culture, natural wonders and mouth watering cuisine. Gifted travel writers unveil its splendors through evocative prose and vivid imagery.

Let these exceptional storytellers be your insightful guides to incredible India. Their expressive work inspires millions to explore this magical land’s mysteries and treasures.

Join the journey through their eyes.

1. Nikhil Sharma – 1.4m followers

With over a million Instagram followers, Nikhil Sharma is one of India’s best travelers and storytellers today. Through stirring photographs and vivid prose, he reveals India’s spectacle from Kashmir’s snow-swathed valleys to Kanyakumari’s golden shores.

An intrepid voyager at heart, Nikhil traverses the Himalayan trails. He visits remote hill tribes, and captures the flamboyance of Indian festivities on camera. His lenses spotlight regal heritage sites and sublime natural vistas across the country.

On his popular blog ‘Travel Sharma’, Nikhil shares enthralling tales and visually arresting moments from his adventures. Through picturesque articles and cinematic videos, he unveils hidden gems. He beguiles secrets that even seasoned travelers miss. His dazzling imagery documents India’s cultural inheritance, riveting natural beauty, and delectable cuisine.

Nikhil’s work reflects his endless curiosity. His deep insight into India’s iconic and obscure marvels. His journalism continues to inspire millions to travel. And discover incredible India’s soul.

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2. Archana Singh – 174k followers

Archana Singh is one of India’s most seasoned travel writers. For decades, she’s explored the country far and wide. She’s written several acclaimed books including ‘India’s Charming Chaos’. It unravels the dichotomies that make India an enigma for travelers. Her book offers insights into this complex country.

Archana founded a travel community for women. She is an independent journalist. She’s passionate about responsible, transformative travel. Her articles in leading publications cover diverse themes. From wildlife escapes and wellness retreats to heritage wonders and food trails.

Furthermore, her work reveals India’s incredible range of travel experiences. She enables travelers to connect deeper with India’s culture, nature and spirituality. Beyond the surface. Through her insightful writing, Archana inspires more meaningful journeys across this fascinating country.

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3. Lakshmi Sharath – 146k followers

Lakshmi Sharath is an acclaimed Indian travel writer. She is known for her descriptive, evocative writing style. She has 146k followers on her Instagram account. Lakshmi has extensively traveled across India. She has documented captivating stories for leading newspapers and magazines.

She has authored several popular books. These books showcase India’s cultural, historical and natural wonders. As a prolific travel journalist, Lakshmi has hosted acclaimed TV shows too. This includes the popular web series “OMG! Yeh Mera India”. It unveils inspiring stories from across India.

Through her articles, books and shows, Lakshmi provides a window into India’s rich living heritage. Her vivid storytelling transports readers and viewers. It brings alive the sights, sounds and spirits of destinations. Lakshmi’s powerful narratives continue to captivate. Her writing reveals the unveiled mysteries of incredible India.

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4. Siddhartha Joshi – 458K followers

Based in Mumbai, Siddhartha Joshi is a travel writer, photographer and blogger. He authors India travel stories for several leading publications. The number of followers he has on Instagram is 458k. On his popular blog ‘The Wanderings of a Traveler’, he provides tips and inspiration for experiential travel across India.

Moreover, his photography and coffee table books bring iconic and offbeat destinations alive.

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5. Ankita Kumar – 271K followers

Ankita Kumar is a journalist turned travel blogger who infuses humor and storytelling into her writing. Her biggest achievement is her 271k Instagram followers. Her focus is majorly on budget travel. So, her articles and YouTube videos provide tips to make the most of shoestring trips across India. On her blog ‘Monsoon Letters’, she captures the little joys of slow travel across the country.

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6. Indrani Ghose – 63.3k followers

Indrani Ghose is a Kolkata-based travel journalist with 63.3k Instagram followers. She focuses on heritage and culture through her writing. Indrani contributes to leading newspapers and magazines. Her articles unearth the hidden charms of India’s small towns and villages.

Through her writing, Indrani reveals rural India’s rich cultural traditions. Its artistic heritage and colorful festivities. She takes readers on journeys to discover rural art, customs, cuisine and livelihoods.

Indrani also directs a documentary series on rural Indian artisans. Their craftsmanship and artistic talent. Her work provides a window into experiencing the real India. The India that lies beyond bustling cities.

Indrani is passionate about showcasing rural India’s soul and hospitality. Through her insightful writing and documentaries. She spotlights the vibrant allure of villages across the country.

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7. Sonal | Drifter Planet – 46.7k followers

Sonal is a passionate travel photographer and blogger based in Bangalore. On her blog ‘Drifter Planet’, she shares travel stories accompanied by stunning images of landscapes, cultures and people. Approximately 46,700 people follow her on Instagram.

Furthermore, she is a specialist in outdoor and adventure trips. She also hopes to promote sustainable tourism through her writing.

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8. Ami Bhat – 16.9K followers

Mumbai-based journalist Ami Bhat focuses on food and wellness travel. She has 16.9k followers on Instagram. Through articles, vibrant photos and videos she spotlights:

  • Culinary journeys
  • Healing retreats
  • And nature escapes in India

Ami provides unique travel inspiration blending nature, food and wellness. She is co-founder of Thrilling Travel, promoting experiential sustainable travel.

On her popular blog, Ami shares tips and stories. Rejuvenating through:

  • Ayurvedic treatments
  • Yoga retreats
  • Detox trips
  • Adventure activities
  • And indulge in local cuisine.

Furthermore, her work highlights indigenous nutritious ingredients and India’s health-giving traditions.

Ami inspires travelers to explore India holistically for wellbeing, culture and nature. Her articles and videos promote healing, nourishment and contemplation along with travel. Besides all this, Ami’s holistic approach blends wellness with immersive experiences.

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9. Parnashree Devi – 12.1K followers

Parnashree Devi is an independent journalist. She seamlessly blends travel writing with investigative reporting. Parnashree authors deeply insightful, immersive stories. Her stories uncover fascinating Indian cultural practices and pressing environmental issues.

She undertakes extensive journeys across India. She researches and reports on:

  • Indigenous tribes
  • Threatened species
  • Climate change impacts
  • Sustainable living traditions and more

Parnashree’s articles are published widely. In leading publications like National Geographic, New York Times, Guardian, and Scroll.

Passionate about ethical and responsible journalism. Her work highlights eco-conservation, wildlife protection, and social welfare. Along with capturing the vibrancy of destinations.

Parnashree powerfully conveys messages through dazzling storytelling. She paints vivid portraits of people and places in her articles.

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10. Raksha Rao – 11.6k followers

Raksha Rao writes about the arts, culture and travel across India. She authors a weekly column on heritage sites in Karnataka.

Raksha has traveled extensively in India. She captures the country’s living cultural heritage through her articles. Raksha writes about artisans’ handicrafts and colorful festivals. Her articles reflect India’s creative traditions.

Raksha shares performing arts, customs, cuisine, architecture and people’s stories. Her articles help readers immerse themselves in destinations’ sights, sounds and spirits. Raksha celebrates India’s thriving heritage, art forms and diversity. Her passionate journalism showcases what makes India incredible.

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11. Mayuri Patel – 10.4k followers

Mayuri Patel is a journalist and photographer based in Gujarat. She has 10.4k followers on her Instagram account. On her popular blog ‘Fernwehrahee’, she shares responsible travel experiences across India. She often focuses on tribal communities.

Mayuri uses vivid photography and writing to document India’s cultural essence and natural beauty. Her work provides an insightful window into indigenous lifestyles, traditions and practices.

She captures candid shots of locals in traditional attire and daily life moments. Her landscape images showcase breathtaking terrain. Mayuri’s books and articles immerse readers in diverse Indian destinations and communities.

Her passionate journalism celebrates India’s thriving heritage, art forms and diversity. She helps showcase what makes India incredible.

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12. Jitaditya Narzary – 10.5k followers

Jitaditya Narzary is a travel blogger focused on Northeast India’s offbeat spots. Through his blog ‘The Travelling Slacker’, he shares outdoor trips, treks, culture, food and heritage sites in lesser-known areas of the region.

He uses vivid storytelling and photography to showcase the captivating uniqueness of Northeast India. Jitaditya documents travel to remote villages, pristine riversides and waterfalls tucked away in the mountains.

He captures portrait shots of locals and landscape images of the terrain. His articles provide an immersive window into indigenous tribes, traditions, cuisine and practices.

Jitaditya passionately documents the people, places and culture. His work celebrates the raw natural beauty and thriving heritage that makes Northeast India incredible.

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13. Pooja Dubey – 12k followers

Pooja Dubey is a journalist focused on ecotourism and sustainable travel in India. She writes for various publications about responsible travel practices. There are 12k followers in her Instagram profile.

Pooja runs the popular blog and vlog ‘Shoestring Travel’. She provides tips for budget trips while following green principles. Pooja shares guides on public transport, eco-stays, volunteering, clean-ups and reducing plastic.

She uses writing and photography to highlight ethical destinations, community partnerships and conservation efforts. Her work promotes mindful travel that sustains ecology and benefits locals.

Pooja aims to inspire green choices and responsible travel. She wants travelers to discover India’s incredible heritage, nature and people. Her passionate journalism supports ecological balance.

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So, these 13 prominent Indian travel journalists powerfully showcase their country’s diversity and splendor. Their evocative storytelling reveals India’s incredible history and natural wonders. Their inspiring articles, stunning photos, engaging books, and compelling videos motivate millions to discover India’s magical spirit. These talented individuals exemplify how travel influencers in India spark curiosity and encourage exploration. Their work inspires deeper connections with India’s cultures, peoples, and landscapes. It moves people beyond surface-level tourism.

By bringing India’s marvels to life through their unique voices, these travel influencers in India shape local and international perceptions. Their passion shines light on this vibrant nation. It fosters understanding and wanderlust. Through their engaging art, more people can experience India’s beauty. Concise, clear language informs readers. The focus is on showcasing these influential voices. Their stories motivate deeper discovery of an incredible country.

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✅ Who are some of the top travel journalists in India?

Some of the top travel journalists in India include Nikhil Sharma, Archana Singh, Lakshmi Sharath, Siddhartha Joshi, Ankita Kumar, Indrani Ghose, Sonal, Ami Bhat, Parnashree Devi, Raksha Rao, Mayuri Patel, Jitaditya Narzary, and Pooja Dubey.

✅ What is the focus of travel journalism?

These travel journalists focus on various aspects of India, including its culture, heritage, natural beauty, cuisine, indigenous tribes, and responsible travel practices.

✅ How do these travel journalists inspire others to explore India?

They inspire through expressive writing, vivid photography, and insightful videos that showcase India’s diverse and captivating experiences. They offer insider tips and recommendations to help others plan their own journeys.

✅ Do these journalists contribute to publications or have their own blogs?

Many of them contribute to leading publications and have their own blogs where they share their travel stories and insights.

✅ What is the common goal of these travel journalists in India?

Their common goal is to reveal India’s hidden treasures, promote responsible travel, and inspire others to explore the rich culture, nature, and heritage of the country.

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