Best Indian Female Travel Vloggers on Youtube Best Indian Female Travel Vloggers on Youtube

Best Indian Female Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Travel vlogging has become very popular on YouTube lately. Many Indian women have started travel vlogs to share their journeys. Their aim is to inspire other women to travel solo. In India, solo female travel vloggers are still seen negatively by society. But these fearless women are breaking stereotypes and motivating others to be adventurous.

These Vloggers show beautiful views and tell interesting stories. Their Vlogs range from backpacking across India to solo travel in other countries. Some focus on travel tips while others share experiences. From budget to luxury trips, there is a Vlogger for every traveler.

As an Indian solo travel vlogger, more are taking trips and sharing them online. This new generation is confident, brave and living their dream. Their Vlogs inspire other Indian women to leave their comfort zone and see the world on their own terms.

This post introduces the top 10 female travel vlogger in India on YouTube. We’ll see who they are, their travel style, popular videos, subscribers, and what makes them a must-watch before your next vacation.

Let’s begin this journey with some of India’s most famous female travel vloggers!

India’s Most Inspiring Female Travel Vloggers on YouTube

YouTube has become an immensely popular platform for Indian women to share their travel stories. These best Indian travel vloggers on YouTube motivates other female travelers to be bold and adventurous. Many talented Vloggers create:

  • Binge-worthy content
  • Gaining huge popularity
  • And became an inspiration for scores of women.

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Here are 10 of the best Indian female travel vloggers making waves on YouTube:

Tanya Khanijow

Fearless Tanya Khanijow has been inspiring female solo travelers since launching her “Tanya Khanijow” YouTube channel on 7 Oct 2012. Though traveling alone as a woman can be uniquely challenging. Tanya embraces the spirit of adventure. Sharing her globetrotting journey authentically motivates others to explore even through hardships. Tanya’s passion for the open road makes her a courageous role model. She is living her dreams and discovering new cultures. She is also empowering other women to do the same.

With over 1.25M subscribers, Tanya’s vlogs range from budget solo backpacking trips across India to luxurious getaways in destinations. This includes the Maldives, Dubai and many more. Her brilliant travel tips, fun on-the-go experiences and cinematography make her videos addictive. Tanya often focuses her narratives on body positivity and self-love while traveling.

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Prajakta Koli

Prajakta’s fun travel vlogs are shared on her hugely popular channel ‘MostlySane’. She is known for her humorous and relatable style of content creation. She has 7.08 million subscribers, showcasing her adventures with friends. She has traveled to gorgeous destinations in Europe, the USA, as well as India. She launched her YouTube channel on 10 Feb 2015. In addition to being entertaining to watch, her travel videos inspire viewers to take their own journeys.

YouTube Link – 

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Pragati Verma

Pragati’s travel channel has 6.15M loyal subscribers. She features on her road trips, treks, outdoor adventures and experiences. Pragati started her YouTube channel on 23 Feb 2018. She visits natural vistas in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh and other gorgeous Indian destinations. By promoting sustainable and responsible travel, she explores India’s vast natural beauty and bounty.

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Laiba’s relatively new travel channel provides a refreshingly unique perspective on solo female travel. And this is within Pakistan and internationally. She inspires women, especially in Pakistan, to be independent and pursue their passions. She launched her YouTube channel on 16 Oct 2021. Within this short time, her channel has garnered 187K subscribers Her hobbies are sketching, dancing and singing. Moreover, her informative and helpful Vlogs are gaining immense popularity.

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Vipaan deep Kaur

Deep’s engaging travel channel showcases her budget trips across destinations in north India like:

  • Kashmir
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Punjab among others.

As a solo female traveler, she provides useful tips and hacks for traveling across India on a shoestring budget. Deep started her YouTube channel on 23 Oct 2014. And in the past years, she has 2.02K loyal subscribers. Her videos depict how India can be explored in a pocket-friendly manner.

YouTube Link –

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Deepanshi Jain

Deepanshi gives viewers an inside glimpse into her life as a digital nomad. On her popular channel ‘Chillbee’ she has 129K subscribers. Deepanshi came to her YouTube channel on 25 May 2018. She travels and works remotely across exotic destinations. Such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia among others. Her Vlogs cover the joys and challenges of a mix of work and leisure while on the go.

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Anushka Sen

Anushka Sen is a popular child actress. She runs her YouTube travel channel with 2.79M subscribers. This channel depicts her fun family trips across gorgeous getaways in:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • USA and other international destinations.

She joined her YouTube channel on 14 Mar 2017. Her Vlogs show family vacations from the perspective of a young traveler. It inspires younger viewers to appreciate the joys of travel.

YouTube Link – 

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Aparna Devyal

Aparna Devyal belongs to Poonch (Jammu & Kashmir). She joined and created her YouTube channel on 4 Sep 2020. She documents her numerous road trips, treks and outdoor adventures across the natural

landscapes of Uttarakhand. In the past 3 years, she has got 1.23M loyal subscribers.

Currently, she publishes 324 videos. In her narratives, she promotes sustainable travel while rediscovering the natural beauty of her own state.

YouTube Link – 

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Kritika Goel

Kritika Goel shares her passion for travel and life through popular YouTube vlogs and Instagram posts. With over 605K subscribers, she inspires adventure. She belongs to Vellore, Tamil Nadu.

Since starting her channel on 12 May 2007, Kritika has explored India and beyond. From the US to Dubai, Hong Kong to Iceland, she invites us along on the journey. Her sense of wonder is contagious.

Kritika authentically shares her travel diary and life experiences each week. She motivates others to get out and see the world too. Her courage and openness make Kritika a lifestyle blogger to watch.

Moreover, she provides helpful tips and suggestions specifically for female travelers. The main focus is on:

  • Solo travel
  • Safety
  • Transportation
  • Packing essentials etc while on a tight budget.

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Sejal Kumar

Sejal is already a hugely popular YouTuber. Her dedicated travel channel name is ‘Hues of Sejal’. She created her YouTube channel on 14 Aug 2012. With 1.42M subscribers, it depicts her indulgent travels across gorgeous destinations in:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • The Middle East
  • As well as within India.

Moreover, she is known for top-notch cinematography and video quality. Her Vlogs showcase luxury vacations in an engaging and entertaining manner.

YouTube Link – 

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Igniting a Passion for Travel Among Indian Women

These trailblazing vloggers are a catalyst for change for Indian female travelers! The inspiring stories they share are shattering stereotypes and liberating women.

These videos inspire women across India to step out alone and unrestrained into the world. Their journey of self-discovery takes them from lofty Himalayas to bustling bazaars in Rajasthan.

The phenomenal response to these inspiring Vloggers underscores a simple truth. Indian women are yearning to define their own adventures. They are fanning the flames of travel passion in women whose societal norms prevent them from traveling fearlessly.

As this brigade of bold travelers grows, they will transform the very essence of solo female travel in India. They herald a new era of women pursuing their wanderlust unhindered and returning with inspiring tales!

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✅ Who are some popular Indian female travel vloggers on YouTube?

Some popular Indian female travel vloggers include Tanya Khanijow, Prajakta Koli, Pragati Verma, Laiba, and more.

✅ What kind of content do these travel Vloggers create?

These vloggers create diverse content, including solo travel experiences, budget travel tips, destination guides, and adventure stories.

✅ How are these Vloggers empowering Indian women travelers?

These vloggers inspire and empower Indian women to travel solo, break stereotypes, and explore the world on their own terms.

✅ Do these travel vloggers focus on domestic or international travel?

They cover both domestic and international travel, showcasing a wide range of destinations and travel experiences.

✅ How can I connect with these travel vloggers on social media?

You can follow these vloggers on Instagram and YouTube to stay updated with their travel adventures and insights.

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