Top Travel Journalists in Canada Top Travel Journalists in Canada

Top Travel Journalists in Canada

Buckle up for a cross-country adventure with Canada’s top travel journalists. These intrepid storytellers take readers across the nation. From dazzling big cities to tranquil northern lakes, they inspire travelers to explore the Great White North.

Robin Esrock leads the pack. He circled the globe in an epic challenge. His national bestseller chronicles the journey – The Great Canadian Bucket List. This gutsy writer is always ready for his next exploit in the name of a good story.

Janice and George Mucalov are affordable travel gurus. For over 50 books, they’ve shared RV adventures and budget trips. Follow their seasoned road trip advice. Revel in the open roads of this vast nation.

Jim Byers delves into Canada’s food scene. He’s a connoisseur of Tofino’s best fish tacos. And the perfect Calgary Stampede party. His insider tips help you experience Canada like a local.

Carolyn Ali takes a boutique approach. She uncovers under-the-radar museums and charming bookstores. Her intimate portraits reveal a hidden side of Canadian culture.

Robert Fisher provides a worldly view. He writes for international audiences enamored of Canada’s wild beauty.

Top food and drink writers will whet your appetite for Canada. They seek out the best poutine, breweries, and celebrity chefs coast to coast.

Others have niches. Caroline Bishop sticks to family-friendly escapes. Danielle Valphas focuses on solo female travel, emboldening women to journey across Canada.

From lively Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – to nature’s landscapes in Banff and Jasper. Canada offers endless inspiration. These talented story hunters capture the adventures and diversity of this vast land.

Their stirring words motivate travelers. So they discover remarkable experiences across Canada’s provinces and territories. One article has you hiking the Cabot Trail, the next soaking in Banff’s hot springs. These journalists showcase Canada’s hidden gems, history and outdoor escapes for any travel style.

Get packing and let Canada’s top writers lead you on a journey to remember! Adventure travel in Canada awaits from coast to coast to coast.

Keep reading to know more about today’s top travel journalists in Canada.

8 Travel Journalists Who Unlocked the Wonders of Exploring Canada

With stunning scenery, vibrant cities, and endless adventures, Canada offers boundless beauty. Canada also offers a culture for travelers to discover. Canadian travel journalists and content creators showcase the diversity of the Great White North. This is due to their engaging storytelling and Canadian travel photography. Their popular social media accounts motivate millions. So that those millions of people can explore Canadian travel destinations from coast to coast to coast. Here, we will discuss some of the top Canadian travel journalists. So???? Let’s get started!

1. Kirsten Wendlandt – @kirstenwendlandt

Kirsten Wendlandt boasts over 51,800 Instagram fans. She shares inspiring travel adventures across Canada and worldwide. Her brilliant photos and thoughtful captions capture the essence of each destination.

Kirsten highlights ethical, local culture and sustainable tourism in Canada. She provides tips to help others travel responsibly. Choose eco-friendly transportation. Support local businesses and learn about the cultural context. Kirsten inspires mindful cultural exploration in Canada and in other countries.

She writes for too. Her articles showcase Canada’s vibrant food scene. She covers Calgary’s best tacos and Vancouver’s top vegan eats. Must-try poutine spots across Quebec.

On Instagram, Kirsten mixes landscape shots with street art and food close-ups. She shares unique perspectives. A remote lighthouse seen through sea spray. Short videos showcase local life. Strolling through city neighborhoods. Hiking on wooded trails.

Kirsten provides tailored tips for:

  • Solo female travelers
  • Outdoorsy families
  • And backpackers on a budget

She also offers guidance on safe practices, packing lists, and connecting with communities.

Her authentic storytelling and passion for conscious travel make Kirsten Wendlandt a trusted voice. She brings the wonders of Canada to life and inspires mindful exploration near and far.

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2. Jami Savage –

Jami Savage motivates Canadians to explore outdoor experiences in Canada. Armed with a camera and a van named Betty, she has over 12,700 Instagram followers.

Moreover, Jami spotlights outdoor adventures coast to coast. By traveling full-time with her photographer husband in their converted van, she has the flexibility to showcase natural wonders across provinces and territories. From remote northern landscapes to island-hopping on the east coast, she reveals the beauty of Canada.

In addition to natural wonders, she also shows quirky local attractions like:

  • Funky roadside sculptures
  • One-of-a-kind museums
  • And even the world’s largest potato

Through stunning photos and engaging captions, she inspires others. So they can chart their own journeys across this scenic country.

Jami shares practical tips on:

  • Outfitting your van
  • Plan your route strategically
  • As well as traveling safely while participating in outdoor activities in Canada

She also provides insight into Indigenous cultures and sustainable travel practices.

Beyond highlighting bucket-list worthy sites, Jami focuses on simple pleasures found along the open road. These following moments connect us to the beautiful landscapes around us:

  • Watching a pink sunset from your campsite
  • Learning to paddleboard in a peaceful bay
  • Find the tastiest doughnuts in rural Saskatchewan

With an adventurous spirit and a passion for storytelling, Jami Savage inspires others. So they can discover the beauty and delight found in Canada’s vast outdoor experiences. She captures the essence of this country in a way that transforms how we see our surroundings. Home is an open highway filled with possibilities for Jami.

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3. Christopher James Mitchell – @travelingmitch

On his motorcycle Rhonda, Christopher James Mitchell has crossed Canada 5 times over the past decade. Along the way, he has gained 17.1k Instagram fans through breathtaking landscape photography and poignant travel reflections.

Chris finds inspiration at every turn. Whether exploring Haida Gwaii’s rugged beaches, surfing Tofino’s waves, or hiking through Banff and Jasper’s peaks. His lens captures Canada’s staggering beauty from new angles.

Rhonda has carried Christopher to remote corners few experienced. Nahanni National Park, the windswept shores of Newfoundland, and the vast northern tundra. Christopher’s raw, authentic photography reveals an untouched Canada beyond known landmarks.

His adventures also include experiencing the energy of the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton Fringe Festival. Through his dedicated travels across the second largest country in the world, Christopher James Mitchell invites others to embrace the magic found in Canada’s endless landscapes.

4. Altug Galip – @kyrenian

Altug Galip is a professional photographer with over 1.2 million Instagram fans. He reaches a massive global audience. His brilliant landscape and nature images showcase Canada’s incredible scenery.

From the Rockies to the badlands, the northern lights to wildlife, Altug’s work inspires people worldwide to visit Canada. Originally from Turkey, he spent 18 months traveling across Canada, discovering stunning vantage points.

His lens captures iconic landmarks like Chateau Lake Louise from unique angles. And unveils hidden gems like remote mountain lakes untouched by man. Altug’s vivid photography invites his international followers. Thus, you can marvel at the breathtaking beauty found across Canada’s provinces and territories.

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5. Callum Snape – @calsnape

As a professional outdoor, landscape, and travel photographer, Callum Snape captures over 782k Instagram fans. He showcases jaw-dropping mountain adventures in British Columbia and beyond.

Callum captures the raw power and beauty of Canada’s majestic landscapes. Crisp mountain lakes and glacial peaks lost in the clouds. His stunning images highlight the thrill of outdoor sports. Mountain biking down trails and kayaking through crashing waterfalls. Climbing sheer cliff faces.

But he also reconnects his audience with nature’s awesomeness. Scenes of untouched wilderness showcase Earth’s profound beauty. Callum provides photography tips and behind-the-scenes views of his exhilarating travels.

Through his breathtaking gallery, Callum Snape invites us to marvel at Canada’s great outdoors. He inspires the next generation of adventurers and photographers. Throughout his work, he celebrates the wonders of Canada’s landscapes.

6. Taylor Burk – @taylormichaelburk

Taylor Burk’s stunning aerial photography unveils Canada from breathtaking new heights. He has over 380,000 Instagram followers. He has flown across the country on countless adventures by helicopter, small plane, and drone.

Taylor’s elevated perspectives showcase Canada’s diverse landscapes in a rare way. From the lush coastal rainforests of Vancouver Island to the Badlands of Alberta. Vibrant big city sights to lonely rural lighthouses. His bird’s eye views reveal the country’s hidden wonders and rugged natural beauty.

Through crisp aerial shots, Taylor Burk shares a distinctive view of the Great White North. We marvel at the patterns and textures not visible from the ground. His soaring photography celebrates both epic scenery and the secluded corners that make Canada unique. These special glimpses from above inspire appreciation for the landscapes that surround us every day.

Taylor Burk’s photographs provide a first-hand look at Canada that few are privileged to see. His soaring compositions unveil the magnitude and wonder of this scenic country.

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7. Rachel Barkman – @rachelbarkman

Rachel Barkman promotes Canadian travel to 107,000+ Instagram fans. Based in Winnipeg, she spotlights central Canada’s treasures. Attractions, festivals, outdoor escapes, road trips, cuisine, cultural experiences.

Rachel provides tips on how to appreciate underrated gems in your own backyard. From pristine northern parks to Indigenous traditions, she reveals her homeland through a native lens.

She focuses on family-friendly activities. Fossil hunting on Lake Winnipeg. Local businesses like cozy cafes with fresh baking. Immersive cultural encounters with Winnipeg’s vibrant murals and with Métis guides.

Rachel inspires appreciation for heartland pleasures. Delight in spotting wildlife on scenic drives. Warmth of campfires under the stars. Joy of connecting with rural communities’ rich culture.

With an eye for hidden gems, Rachel motivates traveling through central Canada. Experience the region’s unique treasures firsthand. She invites discovery of natural beauty, local flavor, and cultural spirit.

8. Kiersten Rich – @theblondeabroad

As a pro travel blogger, Kiersten Rich has 1.3 million Instagram fans. She has explored every Canadian province and territory over the past decade.

Kiersten captures stunning vistas from coast to coast. Exciting outdoor activities like surfing Nova Scotia’s waves. Mouthwatering local cuisine, from poutine to Yukon berry pie. And the welcoming Canadian spirit.

She mixes major tourist sights with small town charm and hidden gems. Motivates international followers to experience Canada beyond the predictable. From the dazzling northern lights to lush wine regions, she unveils this country’s special activities, wonders, cuisine and culture.

Through breathtaking photos and engaging storytelling, Kiersten invites others to journey across Canada as she has. To embrace each place with an open, curious spirit.

Kiersten Rich motivates travelers to discover Canada’s unique adventures, both iconic and obscure. She reveals the diverse treasures that make this country extraordinary.

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The Vital Role of Travel Journalists in Canada

These 8 talented travel journalists highlight Canada’s immense beauty, culture and wonders. Their popular social media accounts motivate millions worldwide to visit this amazing country. From the northern lights over Yellowknife to island-hopping in Newfoundland.

Travel blogging in Canada plays a vital role. It showcases destinations and experiences across the provinces and territories. These skilled journalists spotlight hidden treasures through engaging storytelling and stunning visuals. Their passion inspires deeper exploration coast to coast.

As tourism re-emerges post-pandemic, travel journalists in Canada will be crucial. Their platforms motivate travelers beyond predictable sites. Exploring food scenes, outdoor escapes, small town charm and Indigenous culture. They reveal reasons to venture across Canada.

These 8 journalists demonstrate the power of travel blogging. How photography, videos and words connect viewers emotionally to places and people. By sharing diverse Canadian adventures, they encourage mindful, meaningful tourism. Their dedication invites rediscovering the wonders in our backyard.

Thanks to compelling storytellers, Canada’s vibrant spirit shines through. Their work continues to unlock this country’s boundless beauty. Inspiring and unforgettable journeys.

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✅ Who are some of the top travel journalists in Canada?

Some of the top travel journalists in Canada include Kirsten Wendlandt, Jami Savage, Christopher James Mitchell, Altug Galip, Callum Snape, Taylor Burk, Rachel Barkman, and Kiersten Rich.

✅ What is Kirsten Wendlandt known for in Canadian travel journalism?

Kirsten Wendlandt is known for her inspiring travel adventures, ethical travel, and sustainable tourism tips. She also contributes to, showcasing Canada’s vibrant food scene.

✅ How does Jami Savage inspire outdoor exploration in Canada?

Jami Savage motivates Canadians to explore outdoor experiences through her stunning photos of natural wonders and quirky local attractions. She provides practical tips for outdoor activities.

✅ What sets Altug Galip’s travel photography apart in Canada?

Altug Galip’s photography showcases Canada’s incredible scenery, from the Rockies to the northern lights, inspiring a global audience to visit Canada.

✅ How does Taylor Burk capture the essence of Canada in his photography?

Taylor Burk’s aerial photography offers unique perspectives on Canada, revealing hidden wonders and rugged natural beauty. He inspires appreciation for the landscapes that make Canada unique.

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