whatsapp-adds-new-privacy-tools whatsapp-adds-new-privacy-tools

WhatsApp Introduces New Privacy Protection Features For Users

Make your personal communication completely private with these WhatsApp privacy protection innovations.

WhatsApp is the world’s biggest social messaging platform. Billions of users use it for communication. The team has been rolling-out some important features for users worldwide. As a result, the experience of users with the app has improved by manifolds.

Therefore, it is now time for the users to be ready for more features. The first in the list is directly related to the privacy of users. The team has taken the digital visibility of users seriously this time.

Users will now be able to control their Online Visibility with it. The team had already introduced a feature to help users control “Last Seen” while there was nothing to protect their digital visibility.

Moreover, the team has introduced a feature that protects users’ privacy differently. In other words, the feature is dedicated to helping users leave groups or chats without much noise. Nobody in the group will get a notification if a user leaves the group, said Mark Zuckerberg.

Another key feature rolled out is directly related to photos or messages users send. Users will now be able to set messages and photos to “View-once”. Any messages or a photo set to View-once will disappear from the receiver’s mobile immediately.

All in all, team WhatsApp is fully dedicated to making communication of users private as much as possible, said Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post. 

It will be interesting to see the value these features will add to users’ experience. The credit must be given to the team for making users a valuable part of the WhatsApp Family.

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