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5 Ways to Use Customer Feedback for Business Innovation

Value business innovation through Direct Communication, fast Shipment, emotions, and some more tips.

Customer Feedback Is Like a Million Dollars For Business Innovation

Customer satisfaction

Business innovation is one of the most important concepts among 21st-century business owners. Almost all corporate leaders worldwide dedicate their wealth of resources, skills, and time to it.

Definition of This Concept

Most organisations worldwide consider it a process for introducing the following:

  • New ideas
  • More effective workflow.
  • Innovative methodologies.
  • Advanced services as well as products.

This concept is important for entrepreneurs to take their company to the next level of success through growth. Modern company owners worldwide embrace it for this reason.

Why Do Business Owners Value Innovation So Much?

It is invaluable for an organisation for many reasons. The list includes but is not limited to the following only:

Value creation in the form of new revenue generation opportunities through existing or new channels for the organisation is the first reason. An organisation gets this value through the following ways:

  • New revenue generation opportunities that are more effective and less time-consuming.
  • Better quality of improvement, productivity, and Performance. 
  • Competitive advantage. 
  • Exceeding strategic goals.

How Is Innovation Achieved In A Business?

An organisation achieves innovation based on customer feedback. What is more important for an organisation to achieve innovation is the implementation of customers’ feedback.

Some Words About Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback for an organisation means a piece of verbal or written information. This information usually refers to the quality of your customer’s experiences with your company’s products or services.

Their feedback usually guides your company about the following:

  • Improvement of the customer experience is the first thing.  
  • Empowerment of highly positive change in your business under all circumstances. 
  • Alignment of your product’s or service’s specifications with your customers’ current as well as future needs.

Every organisation in the world considers it the most valuable resource for growth on all fronts.

Listed below are a couple of invaluable benefits:

  • Most genuine analysis of products or services for your company is the first benefit. 
  • Genuine information about the strengths and weaknesses of products or services is another benefit for your company.
  • Amazing experience for customers is another benefit of it. 
  • Seeking and implementing customer feedback leads to customer satisfaction. 
  • Significantly increased customer retention rate is another benefit of it that your company reaps. 
  • A reliable source of genuine information about your company, products, and services for other customers is also a big boon for your organisation. 
  • Making decisions based on data becomes easier.

Moreover, your business earns new customers because your old as well as existing customers feel heard. Even the customer loyalty rate of your company also shoots up significantly.

These are some benefits your organisation can reap after seeking and implementing feedback from customers.

How To Use Customer Feedback For Business Innovation?

Customer Feedback

New age entrepreneurs usually bombard Google with this query. Does this question come to your mind also? It must come to your mind at least once or twice.

Almost every entrepreneur wants to seek customer feedback. They put their best foot forward to do so.

But using customer feedback for innovation proves to be a challenge for them for various reasons. There are some ways to achieve this incredible feat.

We are going to tell exactly that in this post. Read further to learn about it.

You will be able to use it only after you know the list of the following:

Some Effective Customer To Collect Feedback Methods


Listed below are a couple of methods you can use to collect customer feedback:

  • Feedback Surveys and Usability Testing.
  • Sending personalised responses in addition to emailing or using customer contact forms.
  • Setting clear expectations in addition to the organisation of email feedback.  
  • Exploratory customer interviews are another useful method. 
  • Social media is also a handy medium. 
  • Onsite activity through analytics is also an effective way to seek customer feedback. 
  • Value instant feedback also.

Now is the time for you to learn about the way you can use customer feedback.

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5 Methods You Can Try For Using Customer Feedback For Business Innovation


There are many ways to do it. But it is not possible to talk about all of them in a single post. We have decided to tell you about a couple of important methods you use for innovation in your products or services.

Make Use of Customer Feedback For Informing Product Development

Product developers of your company must be informed about customers’ feedback. 

Value it in order to understand customers’ needs and expectations and improve your product or service accordingly.

All customers of your organisation will feel valued as well as heard as a result.

Value Direct Communication Through Communities

Social Media Platforms could be a great way for it. Even cross-messaging apps could work well for you. The list of these social media platforms and cross-messaging apps includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger 
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram

Any entrepreneur like you can create pages, groups, or communities using these platforms for direct communication with customers.

Talk to them individually or reply to everyone on posts or through comments.

Speedup Product Shipment As Per Feedback

Speedy shipment of products to customers is another way for modern entrepreneurs to use customer feedback for growth.

Such a unique way will help you know their feedback quickly and directly.

More importantly, you will implement their feedback for improvement in your products and services quickly.

Value it once! Then you will see the magic! Many organisations like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm use it these days. Their companies are on cloud nine, for this reason, these days.

Make Use Of Your Customers’ Feedback To Pivot

Try it once! Changing the direction of an organisation could work for an entrepreneur like you. Use this strategy especially when your original product or service is not yielding desired output.

Get Emotional And Minimize Customer Effort

Make sure your customers do not have to do anything. Provide them with everything at their fingertips. Reply to their feedback or queries instantly or at the earliest.

Ensure hassle-free navigation of your website and app for your customers. Reach them instead of asking them to reach your support staff.

Hit the pain point right from the word go. Be strategic, well-directed, and polite throughout the process. Always remember to thank your customer for their feedback and valuable time.

Such an approach will do wonders for your business over time. All of your customers will be loyal to your brand as a result of such a strategy.

The Bottom Line

Millions of entrepreneurs have climbed the growth ladder using customer feedback. Almost all of them are using these methods. 

Mr. Anek Bedi is a perfect example of it. He has been doing so for almost a decade. He has taken the Logistics, IT, Healthcare, and Medical Billing wings of his organisation to an entirely different level of success using customer feedback through these steps.


✅ Should I Spot Emerging Customer Needs In Order To Use Customer Feedbacks For Business Innovation?

Well, go for it! Value your time in this way. Many successful businessmen in the world do so today.

✅ What Do You Mean By Getting Emotional With Customers?

Be polite and choose your words strategically and carefully while communicating with customers.

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