Shark Tank Failures: 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed And 8 Biggest Misses

Shark Tank Failures are as popular as their achievements. Knowing their small mistakes can give you learning. Shark Tank is a reality television show. The first episode of the American business program Shark Tank aired on ABC on August 9, 2009.

The show has a group of investors, called “sharks”. Sharks make investment decisions when entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas. Sharks frequently uncover flaws and vulnerabilities in an entrepreneur’s product, business strategy, or company value.

Due to the competitive nature of business, Shark Tank gained its name. The phrase “Shark Tank” alludes to a group of sharks swimming around and quickly snatching up victims. Sharks are compared to successful business people. Not every contestant on the show will survive the shark panel.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the biggest Shark Tank failures. They include companies that failed to make the most of the opportunity. In addition, we’ll look at some of the biggest lost investment opportunities from the sharks.

5 Businesses Who Experienced Shark Tank Failures

ShowNo Towels

ShowNo Towels - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • A towel in the style of a poncho with a head opening is referred to as ShowNo Towels.
  • Its founder was Shelly Ehler.
  • The third season’ episode 4 featured this company.
  • An investment raised $75k for 25% in stock from Lori Greiner, but that deal fell through.

Reason For Failure

The bond between Shelly Ehler and Lori Greiner suffered from the beginning. Shelly claims that Greiner advised her not to cash the money the following day. However, Lori Greiner then attempted to modify the agreement.

The Shark Tank agreement between Shelly Ehler and her partner devolved into “a mess,” as she put it. She once vowed revenge against her “Shark Partner” for dumping her. She does, yet, thank her now. Shelly thought Lori had given her a lot of business knowledge.

The business also had a lot riding on one significant transaction with Disney. In spite of many months of trying, the deal fell through due to lackluster online sales. In addition, the profit margin was insufficient to fulfill Disney’s expectations.

An agreement for royalties with Franco Manufacturing was another deal that failed. As a result of conflict between founder and investor, both deals collapsed.

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Body Jac

Body Jac - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • Body Jac was a fitness tool made to ease push-ups for those who were out of shape.
  • Its founder was Cactus Jack Barringer.
  • The first season’s episode 5 features this company.
  • An investment raised $180k for 50% equity from Kevin Harrington and Barbara Corcoran.

Reason For Failure

In the program, Barbara Corcoran instructed Jack Barringer to seal the investment agreement. To demonstrate the equipment’s effectiveness, Jack lost 30 pounds. When he did, the transaction was completed. The company didn’t succeed after that, though.

The product was no longer available on the internet in 2012. According to Corcoran, her investment in this company was the “most terrible business deal she had ever made,” according to interviews. About the precise causes of the company’s failure, no information is publicly accessible.


CATEapp - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • CATEapp was a privacy app that hides calls and messages from selected contacts.
  • Its founder was Neal Desai.
  • The fourth season’s episode 2 features this company.
  • An investment raised $70,000 for 35% equity from Kevin O’Leary and Daymond John.

Reason For Failure

The CATEapp saw 10,000 new downloads after the programme aired. Neal browsed the markets for government and law enforcement because the app’s privacy features could be useful to them.

The app, however, appears to have lost popularity because it was taken down. Its most recent social media update was in 2013.

Sweet Ballz

Sweet Ballz - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • Sweet Ballz produced cake balls which were sold in convenience stores.
  • Its founders were James McDonald and Cole Egger.
  • The fifth season’s episode 1 features this company.
  • An investment raised $250k for 25% equity from Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran.

Reason For Failure

After the Shark Tank deal was finalized, James McDonald and Cole Egger filed a lawsuit. McDonald was suing his co-defendant. Because of his belief that Egger was secretly creating a rival product.

Egger began running the rival Cake Ballz company. A restraining order was issued because things between the two partners had gotten so tense.

As a result of the founders’ disagreement, an opportunity to pitch the invention on Shark Tank was lost.

The website was down, and for a brief period, the Sweet Ballz domain even pointed to the Cake Ballz website.


Breathometer - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • Breathometer was a portable device working with a smartphone app that measures blood alcohol levels.
  • Its founder was Charles Michael Yim.
  • The fifth season’s episode 2 features this company.

Reason For Failure

The fact that all five sharks wanted to get involved and made a joint investment shows how amazing the proposal was. Unfortunately, following the transaction, the company had numerous issues.

They had problems filling all the orders they were getting. It soon became apparent that the product didn’t function as promised.

The device’s readings were inaccurate, and occasionally were inaccurate. It recorded a blood alcohol level that was significantly below the actual number.

This is a serious issue because it can encourage people to drive when they shouldn’t be. FTC ordered Breathometer to refund every client after getting involved.

The Sharks’ 8 Greatest Missed Chances

Failure doesn’t necessarily refer to unsuccessful investments in the eyes of the sharks, of course. It also entails passing up excellent opportunities. These transactions could be equally painful.
After viewing the five most disastrous Shark Tank failures, let’s move on to the eight largest misses:


DoorBot - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • The creator of the doorbell DoorBot was Jamie Siminoff.
  • This company is featured in episode 9 of the fifth season.
  • For 10% equity, they need $700,000.


CoatChex - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • For bars, clubs, and other nightlife establishments, CoatChex was a specially designed computerized coat check service.
  • CoatChex’s originator was Derek Pacqué.
  • Episode 1 of the fourth season showcases this business.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • The three sisters that founded Coffee Meets Bagel are Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang.
  • This dating app utilizes relationships between Facebook friends.
  • Episode 13 of the sixth season showcases this business.

Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • The minimalist sandals from Xero Shoes resemble huaraches.
  • Lena Phoenix and Steven Sashen founded it.
  • To get 8% equity, they need $400,000.
  • Episode 14 of the fourth season showcases this business.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • A woman of color created The Lip Bar, a cruelty-free, vegan lipstick line, just for women of color.
  • Melissa Butler was its creator.
  • Episode 18 of the sixth season showcases this business.
  • For 20% equity, they need $125,000.

Chef’s Big Shake

Chef's Big Shake - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • Products made from seafood, such as shrimp burgers, were produced by Chef’s Big Shake.
  • The initiator of this was Shawn Davis.
  • For 25% equity, they requested $200,000.
  • Episode 1 of the second season features this company.

Proof Eyewear

Proof Eyewear - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • A company called Proof Eyewear produces glasses using recycled and environmentally friendly materials including wood.
  • Taylor, Brooks, and Tanner Dame were its three creators.
  • For 10% ownership, they demand $150,000.
  • Episode 17 of the fourth season includes a scene from this company.

The HillBilly Brand

The HillBilly Brand - Shark Tank Failures 5 Products That Failed & 8 Biggest Misses

  • A collection of T-shirts, trucker hats, and various outdoor gear was available under the HillBilly Brand name.
  • Mike Abbaticchio and Shon Lees organized it.
  • Episode 4 of the second season showcases this business.
  • The price for 25% equity is $50,000.

Lastly, these are the shark tank failures and big misses that we have mentioned before. We hope your doubts are averted by gaining this information.


✅ What does the “Shark Tank” idea entail?

Shark Tank idea entails a group of investors known as “sharks” make investment decisions while entrepreneurs present their business ideas. In an entrepreneur’s product, business plan, or estimation of their company, the sharks will uncover flaws and weaknesses.

✅ Which Shark Tank deals fell through?

Some Shark Tank deals fell through and were later canceled by their respective businesses. This includes ToyGaroo, ShowNoTowels, Sweet Ballz, Body Jac, CATEapp, and Breathometer.

✅ What Is the Most Profitable Product on “Shark Tank”?

The most profitable product on Shark Tank is Bombas. Bombas has produced the most revenue on “Shark Tank” with lifetime sales of more than $225 million. The business, which offers T-shirts and comfort socks, contributes one item for every one that is purchased to aid the homeless.

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