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8 Tips For Optimising Core Web Vitals

Try to optimise Core Web Vitals with tips like caching solutions, and more.

Google offers several tools in order to help businesses improve users’ experience on their websites. The Core Web Vitals are also one of those tools.

In a word, it is a set of tools Google offers to ensure the unified guidance required to deliver a fantastic user experience online. Their purpose is to display the following:

  • URL Performance is grouped according to the status (Poor, Need improvement, Good).
  • Metric Type (CLS, FID, LCP).
  • URL Group.

The report generated is measured using actual data of users.

What Is the Core Web Vitals Report?

Most modern businesses prefer it in order to understand the way pages of their website perform. This report is usually based on Real World Usage Data. Such data is also referred to as Field Data.

Why Is This Concept Important For Modern Businesses?

This question must have come to your mind also. Page Experience is the most important Google Ranking Factor.

Even the Google Algorithm Update released in June 2021 confirms it. Page experience determines the quality of experience visitors get on your website.

Positive Page experience is determined through the following factors:

  • First, serve your page through HTTPS.
  • Mobile Friendliness. 
  • Lack of annoying pop-ups (interstitials).
  • Malware-free browsing for your visitors or customers (No malware in your web pages).

Important Pillars of It

Which factors are important pillars of it? You must be thinking about it also. Let us tell you this below:

  • CLS(Communicative Layout Shift). 
  • FID (First Input Delay).
  • LCP (Largest Contentful Paint).

All these pillars consider loading speed, visual stability, and interactivity significantly.

How Do These Pillars Work?

LCP considers the amount of time content available on your webpage takes to appear on the screen. FID considers the user interaction as well as the responsiveness of your webpage. CLS considers the quality of visual stability. All in all, these pillars work in their way.

Some Useful Tips For Optimisation

This is possible only when you test your website in-depth. There are various ways to improve core web vitals scores. But your strategy will depend on the results of your test.

Value suggestions as good recommendations of PageSpeed Insights for this reason. Take a look at some effective ways you can use to improve your core web vitals score:

  • Try to implement a caching solution and plugins. For instance:
    • Content caching.
    • Server-side caching. 
    • W3 total cache. 
    • WP fastest cache.
    • WP light speed cache.
    • Wp-optimise cache.
  • Consider the elimination of render-blocking resources also.
  • Also, consider deferring the loading of JavaScript. 
  • Using CDN (Content Delivery Network) is another solution. 
  • Size as well as optimise image properly using one of the following tools:
  • TinyPNG.
  • ShortPixel
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Imagify
  • Smush
  • Try lazy loading also. 
  • Optimization of website fonts is another great way. 
  • Do not forget to update or upgrade your hosting service provider also.

Wrapping Up!

Try these suggestions once or twice. Do not forget to let us know the outcome in your words. The entire comment box below belongs to you only. Therefore, we are eagerly waiting for your response.


✅Why does Core Web Vitals fail?

Core Web Vitals assessments fail due to slow server response times, large page sizes, unoptimized images, excessive JavaScript, and poor coding practices. These issues result in lower SEO rankings and subpar user experience.

✅ How do you solve Core Web Vitals assessment?

To solve Core Web Vitals assessment, measure page speed, use Chrome User Experience Report, implement a Chrome extension, implement caching, eliminate rendering-blocking resources, avoid JavaScript loading, use a content delivery network, optimize images, implement lazy loading, optimize website fonts, and upgrade WordPress hosting.

✅ What’s the #1 important factor for good Core Web Vitals?

Core Web Vital 1 is loading speed, which is crucial for a user-friendly website. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures website loading time, ensuring a fast and enjoyable user experience.

✅ What Is The Full Form of CLS, FID, and LCP?

CLS stands for Communicative Layout Shift. First Input Delay is the full form of FID whereas LCP is an acronym for Largest Contentful Paint.

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