WhatsApp 2023 Updates And New-Features WhatsApp 2023 Updates And New-Features

WhatsApp 2023 Updates And New Features

WhatsApp has introduced five more new features for you. Therefore, we are going to educate you about these features.

WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users worldwide. The app is updated almost every second day. This is done in order to help users do things efficiently while using WhatsApp

In other words, the purpose is to enhance users’ experience in every possible way.

With this in mind, WhatsApp has introduced five more new features for you. Therefore, we are going to educate you about these features. Take a good look below for this reason:

New Features in WhatsApp in 2023

WhatsApp is releasing updates in 2023. The updates are making the app more useful. The updates will improve ease of use, safety, and engagement. Features that WhatsApp updated in 2023 are listed below:

  • Edit messages: WhatsApp now lets users remember and edit outgoing messages for a short period.
  • View once messages: WhatsApp’s audio messaging service now has the “view once” function. This feature was previously available for text messages only. This is an additional option to the current “view once” for photos.
  • Companion mode: WhatsApp may now be used on up to four different phones at once. This may assist WhatsApp users who want to use it on their PC too.
  • New interface: Android and iOS will get WhatsApp’s makeover. This will be a big improvement in the user interface.
  • More group features: Pinning messages, silencing warnings, and personalizing symbols are coming to WhatsApp groups.
  • New security features: You may now establish a PIN to enter WhatsApp and verify whether someone has screenshotted your discussion. 
  • Usernames and Screen Sharing: WhatsApp is adding user names and screen sharing.
  • Picture-in-picture for video calls on iOS: This new feature allows video callers to multitask with WhatsApp.
  • Call Tab on WhatsApp Desktop: This enhancement will improve call quality and enable 32-person video chats.
  • Screen lock for WhatsApp desktop on Windows and Mac: The function improves safety with a standard screen lock.
  • Search for messages by date: The function allows users to find messages from a specific time period.
  • Status archives for businesses: Companies can save their status updates for future reference using this function.
  • Larger video calls: WhatsApp’s latest version allows up to 32 participants in one video chat.

WhatsApp will get usability, safety, and interaction enhancements in 2023. These changes should improve the platform’s use, safety, and fun.

5 Features Which WhatsApp Added in 2022


You can now connect several groups under a single umbrella to group conversations more easily.

All community members having similar interests will be able to share information and receive important updates. 

Security and privacy in it will be ensured using the E2E (End-2-End) encryption technique.

Larger Group Size

You can now add up to 1024 people in a usual WhatsApp Group. Educational institutes organizations, and businesses can also add up to 512 people in a group.

As a result, the reach of messages will get multiplied. Businesses or organizations will be able to get in touch with more people or customers.

Video Call

Get ready for a group video-calling experience. Have you ever imagined video-calling several people? Users as well as businesses are likely to get this feature in a new update. Now up to 32 people can be video called.

To put it differently, just initiate a video call with one person and add up to 30 more people of your choice to the call.

Alternatively, you can schedule a call, and the rest of the members can join the call later. They will be able to join the call through a link you generated and shared with them.

All in all, video call feature is going to benefit businesses, organizations, and companies significantly.

Chat Poll

Chat Poll is another key innovation introduced for all WhatsApp users like you. Anybody can add up to 12 options after a chat poll is created. Every participant will be able to select multiple options in order to vote for his or her opinion.

Your poll gets updated automatically and immediately every time a new participant votes. Furthermore, the new result is also reflected immediately.

Just a finger tap at the “View Votes” option will display detailed information about the poll. All results will be available on the display screen of your device.

Larger File Sharing

Users needed such a feature. Businesses, institutes, companies, or professionals nowadays want to share important data easily.

For this reason, WhatsApp is now allowing larger file sharing. To put it differently, sharing files up to 2GB will now be possible. Furthermore, the use of Wi-Fi is advised to help share such a large file within a few seconds.

Time Counters will also be introduced with this feature. These Time Counters will tell you about the amount of time your file will consume in the process of transfer/download.

Were you also waiting for these features? Did you expect the introduction of such features so fast? Are you using these new WhatsApp Features already? Let us know your experience below in the comment box.

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